Support Messages From Visitors Helping My Recovery

The last time I did anything on this Retiring In Thailand website was the last Post

Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand – Looks Like My Dream Fell Through Post and that was four months ago on 15 February, 2013!

 174 Email Messages In My Inbox To Get Through

Since then I have not even bothered to check my email account until yesterday. I did that because I am just about to buy my air ticket for my trip to Thailand next Christmas and I had used my email address when registering for Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus Membership and I had a log-in problem.

So I was sent them a message and looked in my email account and saw all these messages sent from the contact Us Form on the website.

Image showing 174 Messages from the Contact Us Form
174 Messages from the Contact Us Form

Looking through them I was amazed at the level of support there was.

Many were from people who had experienced the same doubts that I have. Some were from people who knew why I felt like I did.

I was blown away.

Proper Conduct, Please – My Apology

Now I know it’s my website, my blog, and I don’t have to write on it or update it if I don’t feel like it.

But what I shouldn’t do is to invite people to post comments on the site, or to sent me messages through the Contact Form and then just ignore them.

That’s not the proper way to treat people and I can understand people who have sent me a message or a question feeling let down.

To those people I offer my apology.

In future I will check the inbox frequently and reply to messages. Meanwhile I still have those 174 messages to read and respond to.

Some Messages from Website Visitors about Retiring in Thailand

Some of the messages from the Contact Us Form are personal, others are questions and some are visitors explaining their thoughts and experiences on retiring in Thailand.

Some of these thoughts and experiences on retiring in Thailand are very interesting and I’m sure that other visitors would like to read them and perhaps respond to them.

So with the writers permission i’m going to start to post them here on the website for all to see. I’ll be adding my own notes where I can but obviously since these people are already retired to Thailand it is their comments that will be most interesting.



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6 Responses to “Faith Restored In Retiring To Thailand?”

  • George Hill:

    Hi Alan
    Sorry to hear about the turn of events on your last trip to Thailand.

    From what I see the only problem comes from being so far from other English speaking friends.

    Western Food and Beer is Easy to Find in Thailand

    I live close to Pattaya but not in the tourist bar area. So I have access to good department stores with a very good choice of all the European food you could want at a fraction of UK price.
    There is a staggering choice of different beers in the same stores. Some times beers like old speckled hen can be found.

    Getting a Thai Driving License

    The driving licence centre is about 30 minuets drive away and taking a Thai driving test is no problem for cars or motorbikes. It will take a morning to sort out each one if taking the actual test.
    I have all the licences but have never bothered with buying a car as taxis are cheap. So is hiring a small car for the day or week.

    Get Your Own Thai Retirement Visa

    The immigration office is also about 20 minuets drive away and again I sort out my own retirement visa.
    As you say if you lose your wife then a visa could be a problem.
    Because of this I obtained a retirement visa in my own right this simply means you have to have 800,000 thousand Baht in the bank three months before you apply for it. And a utility bill in your name. The cost is 1900 Baht per year. Takes about 3 or 4 hours once a year.
    I do it myself as the forms are all in English and the immigration officials all speak very good English.

    Even Getting a Thai Bank Account is Easy

    I have bank accounts in my own name all of which if you can open your self the bank staff are very helpful.
    There are two very good international hospitals within ten to fifteen minuets away all speak English. My children were born in them and my wife has had some major operations in them as well.

    Model Engineering Workshop and Friends

    As you know I spend a lot of my time in my workshop on my hobby. And it tends to be a bit of a solitary part time.

    So every Saturday I have an afternoon get together with some friends who come round look at the progress of the engine I am working on the a few beers and my wife serves up a meal out on the Patio. And with the Thai weather this is all year round.
    I am not saying there is not a down side to living in Thailand but if you are financially sound and research the area before deciding were to build your dream home most of the problems you mention will fade away.

    Next time you come to Thailand you are most welcome to stop by and have a beer and a chat.
    And a rummage round my workshop.
    Alan can you post this onto your web site. My company pc does no let me access your web site as the browser is not supported.I will not be home for three weeks. Hope all works out for you what ever the final out come is.


    admin Reply:

    Hi George,

    I have just seen your message on the subject and thank you for that
    and for permission to put it on the website. I’ll certainly do that.

    You’ll tell by the date that I haven’t done much with the website
    since my last trip to thailand at Christmas.

    I may get a bit more interested in Thailand now since I’m just about
    to buy my air ticket for the visit next Christmas. it might perk me up
    a little.

    Best regards



  • George Hill:

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for the reply.

    As I offered before if you fancy a trip to Pattaya let me know when you are in Thailand as I hope to be home for Christmas myself not sure of the dates yet.

    I have just had thee months off as I suffered a massive heart attack while at work. But all is OK now. 

    It gave me a bit of time to play in my workshop and get some work done on the mill engine and made a start on a Stuart beam engine. As well as fix most of the bits and pieces that the family break while I am at work.

    I hope all goes well on your next visit .

    George Hill 


  • admin:

    Hi George,

    Many thanks for your reply and the visit offer.
    Sorry to hear about your heart attack. That would scare the daylights out of me. Probably did you to. Like you I’m not a spring chicken and NHS keep sending me invites to go for tests for this & for that. We had a cancer scare with Kanyah on my last visit (I think I wrote about it) but it turned out OK.
    All a bit scary really, as we all get older.
    Hope to take you up on the visit offer but Kanyah doesn’t like driving and I don’t have a driving license. We can get round that by getting one of her family to drive.
    I found a great place in BKK to buy (some) workshop accessories and I’m planning to get a set of ER40 collets there when I land at Christmas. Last year i bought a load of stuff including a massive:- tilting table rotary table and machine vice for the mill, as you recommended.
    If there’s anything you want let me know and I’ll pick it up for you. Give me a reason why I MUST visit you. Here’s the shop:-
    In UK I’m designing and building a traction engine. 3/4″ scale based on the Basset Lowke Burrell of the 50s with a bit of Allchin thrown in where it matters. Progress is slow because I work in London so can only work on it at weekends.
    In Thailand I’m building the Stuart Victoria Mill engine. Progress worse than the Burrell!
    As you know my ambition in Thailand is to build a 4″ Traction Engine so I’m looking for a place to buy a big lathe and mill in Thailand. This is one place I have found to investigate:-

    You probably know most of that so apologies if I’m repeating myself, just shows how out of touch I am with the website and Thailand in general.
    Can I post these emails on the website?
    Best Regards
    Alan Brown


  • George Hill:

    Hi Alan
    As you sat the heart attack was a bit of a scare.

    A lot of the lads I work with live in the UK. And they go for those tests. One was very glad he did as they caught his cancer very early and sorted it out.

    The tilting table looks the business. Which size did you get?

    You say you are designing and building a ¾ inch traction engine in UK. Best of luck with the designing part.

    If you are going to build a 4 inch scale one in Thailand you will need a fair sized lath and mill to do it easily.

    Each year if I am home at home I go to the Metalex exhibition in Bangkok. It has a fantastic array of all metal working equipment. I will miss it this year but it is on the 20 to 23 of November.

    I hope to be back in Thailand on 18th of December until about the 13th of January if all goes to plan.

    If you want and you are buying tools from the sun rise group you could pick up a vernier calliper for me order number 04-160-125 it is a 0.3 to 12 inch manual style. That should be a good excuse to come over. Some of the fly wheels I machine are bigger than the 6 inch micrometer I have.

    Feel free to put the e-mails on to the web.

    Regards George


  • admin:

    Hi George,

    Sure, I’ll pick up the vernier calipers for you but why don’t you go for digital calipers? Personally for a flywheel of that size I’d just use a steel rule or probably not even measure the diameter!
    I ‘m not sure what size tilting table I bought but it was gig and heavy – as you recommended.
    This conversation is getting off the retiring in Thailand subject. I’ll have to start up a Model Engineering In Thailand website or open a section for model engineering on this one.
    Best Regards
    Alan Brown


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