Yes, I Failed The Practical Test For Getting A Thai Driving License

Practical Thai Driving Test

The practical Thai driving test is absolutely crazy and has nothing whatsoever to do with driving safely on the road.

Driver after driver failed (including me) on the test day.

Test 1 Reversing Into The Box

This is extremely difficult in a big car like our pickup. I found out later on my private test rack that the trick is to start turning two posts before the opening. The tires have to be less that an inch from the posts to get enough room.

For smaller cars they move the posts so that the room is shorter. All done arbitarily.

Apparently I actually passed this test on my first test day. But I thought I had hit a post and failed so after that I didn’t concentrate for the rest of it.

Turing right I put on the windscreen wipers instead of the indicator and didn’t stop on the Lines.

Oh! And Kanyah told me I failed also because I didn’t take the car all the way through the two lines of posts. Well nobody told me I had to do that and I didn’t see anyone else do it either!

Test 2. Stopping on the Lines

This is most ridiculous. You have to stop with the nearside wheel at the intersection of the white and yellow lines.

In our pickup that means you have to stop on lines you can’t see because they are a third of the way under the car!

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4 Responses to “Failing The Thai Driving License Practical Test”

  • Tony Tran:

    This quite crazy test. They never allow us to try before doing the test.
    Actually, Head of transportation is allow for anyone to try on Saturday and Sunday, but Pak Chong officer does not allow.
    Retake exam is almost 3 working day after fail. That make me a lot of trouble.
    Pay Tax and have no right .


    admin Reply:

    Hi Tony and thanks for your comments.

    My impression from taking my practical Thai Car Driving Test at the Pakchong (Pak Chong) driving Test center is that the staff actually want you to pass.

    It’s not their fault the test is so difficult and there is no practice facilities (except at my own private Thai Driving License Test Track). The problem about opening at week ends may be that there is no money to pay the staff their salary to supervise. (Just a guess)

    My re-tests have been 5 days after the last test failed. That is fast. Back in the UK you have to wait months for a re-test and pay the (very expensive) fee again. At least in Thailand the re-test is free.

    And another advantage of the Thai driving test system is that you only have to re-test the sections you fail on. In UK you have to take the whole test again.

    I’m sorry if the process caused you a lot of trouble and hope that you have now passed?

    Tell, me, Tony, why are there no test tracks in Thailand like I have made. Practice on my private Thai Driving License Test Track increased my chances of passing a thousand times.

    Chok Dee
    Good Luck

    Alan and Kanyah Brown
    Surfin’ the World

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  • Tony Tran:

    Hi Alan,
    Congrats for your new driving license in Thai. I also go to retake the number 3 test. Not pass again, using more than 7 times of changing gear. I may take it again on next Monday 16 Sep 2013.
    I choose 2 place to take an exam, i think it will increase a lot of chance to get drive license. Since, i don’t have a lot of time to visit them.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Tony, good luck with your test.

    You need to practice and practice.

    Also for parallel parking you only have 6 gear changes not seven.

    So you can choose between:-

    2 In, 4 Out

    Or, 4 In, 2 Out.

    There are no other choices!

    Trying at two places is a good idea, I suppose you can do that in Bangkok but not in a small town like Pak Chong.

    It doesn’t take long at Pak Chong about an hour or so for all the cars to go through.


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