Fullers London Pride, ESB and Trappistes Rochefort Round Off Lamb Chops, Mint Sauce and Mashed Potatoes

Yesterday (6th November) was my birthday and I managed to get Kanyah in the car and to visit the E.A.T. restaurant I had been planned to visit for a long time.

It took quite a while to find the E.A.T. Restaurant which is listed as being at Khao Yai – a National Park close to Pak Chong. In fact we drove all the way to the entrance to Khao Yai and back to Pak Chong again before we saw the signs to the E.A.T. restaurant:-

Photo of the Sign of the E.A.T. Restaurant at Khao Yai near to Pak Chong

Sign of the E.A.T. Restaurant at Khao Yai near to Pak Chong

The E.A.T. restaurant itself had a modern and air-conditioned interior but it being a nice day we opted to sit outside.

Photo of The E.A.T. Restaurant at Khao Yai near to Pak Chong

The E.A.T. Restaurant at Khao Yai near to Pak Chong

In a previous Post I wrote about The Drab Reality Of Eating In Rural Thailand and how living in Pak Chong was like Living in the Dirt

Image of kids in Thailand sitting and eating in the dirt

Typical Family Sitting In The Dirt in Thailand

I complained about the lack of decent food in Pak Chong and I still bemoan that Thailand is a dessert for good beer, even Guinness Foreign Extra Stout being impossible to find.

Well All That Has Changed! (Except the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Bit) 

Image of Bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

You won’t find this in Thailand… but there’s plenty of it in Cambodia! As reported on the Cambodia Visa Run Post.

I wasn’t disappointed by our visit to the E.A.T. restaurant. In fact I was absolutely delighted – it was paradise in Pak Chong!

At the E.A.T. Restaurant not only was there a whole menu of decent Thai food there was also Italian, German an even English dishes listed. I was torn between Spaghetti Bolognaise and Lamb Chops. I opted for the latter.

Beer at E.A.T. In Pak Chong

But before we get to the food lets talk about the beer. A first disappointment was that two of the three draft beer pumps were off. The third was a German Wheat beer as I found out after it was poured. Nothing wrong with it but I don’t like wheat beer.

Next I had a glass of Sangria then I tried the dark and dangerous Trappistes Rochefort. At 11.5% alcohol I certainly felt it.

But the best was to come! I saw on the beer menu – itself about 20 pages long – Fullers London Pride and Fullers ESB.

I bought a box of each and half a dozen bottles of Trappistes Rochefort to take home.

Here is a photo of the beers taken when we got home to our retirement house in Pak Chong:-


Here is close-up photo of the beer bottles:-

Image of Beer From EAT Khao Yai Pak Chong Thailand

Beer From EAT Khao Yai Pak Chong Thailand

I put a bottle of Thai Leo in the picture just to make sure you will be really envious!

See that bottle of London Pride to the right of the photo? That’s empty now – I drank it as I was writing this Post. Any you know what? Next to Leo it tasted… lousy!

Obviously I’ve been in Thailand too long.

Food at E.A.T. In Pak Chong

Kanyah had a huge Rib-Eye Steak which came with mashed potato upon which I pounced with relish. It was gorgeous.

The lamb chops were fine – not delicious – but OK. To me starved of western (proper) food for the last three months they were wonderful. The vegetables were cooked Thai style – interesting and delicious but not the plain western style cooking you would expect with lamb chops.

Photo of Lanb Chops at E.A.T. Khao Yai near to Pak Chong, Thailand

Lanb Chops at E.A.T. Khao Yai near to Pak Chong, Thailand

By the way lamb is not a common food in Thailand and you won’t find it in any shops in Pak Chong. Only the Muslims in Thailand eat lamb and since they live mostly in the south I guess that’s where the lamb is to be found.

Back To The E.A.T. Restaurant at Khao Yai

I’ll be going back to the E.A.T. Restaurant at Khao Yai as soon as I can find a good excuse. There’s no reason not to go except that it isn’t cheap.

Here’s the bill and I guarantee the total will make your eyes water. I have added the price in GBP£ and US$:-

Image of My Bill From E.A.T. Restaurant, Khao Yai Pak Chong Thailand

My Bill From E.A.T. Restaurant, Khao Yai Pak Chong Thailand

Actually, it’s not as bad as it looks. If you take away the beers I bought to take home and the and the extravagant Trappistes Rochefort beers it comes to just 1,871 Baht. (£37 or $69) and that includes the main meal and dessert for three people plus two bottles of Leo and a glass of Sangria. Not cheap for Thailand but inexpensive by western standards.

So I’ll be back sometime.

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10 Responses to “EAT Paradise in Pak Chong”

  • mel:

    wow, thats impressive proper english fair and water. ok so the price is a bit high, but you are used to london prices. i know the plough is somewhat cheaper.
    finding that place will surely make you stay a lot more pleasurable.
    the lads have had to laugh as you only have the two beers and its beer festival time here, so we have 16 on. sorry to spoil your fun.


  • Jim George:

    Happy Birthday Alan,
    Glad you found a good place to let your hair down as they say.  No pun intended! LOL  Hope you had fun at the restaurant!
    I am bringing a friend to Thailand to get married this trip.  We only have three weeks for that so don’t think I will see you.  Don’t even know where the heck I am going in Thailand yet.
    Talk more later. I have to do my Tai Chi exercises before I go to work.  Bye for now.
    Jim George


    admin Reply:

    Thanks Jim,

    Let me know when you have more time in Thailand and we can meet up.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Sammy Lee:



    admin Reply:

    Thanks Sammy,

    Things are looking up here as I settle in. Taking a waile to adjust but beginning to enjoy life retired in Thailand.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Len:

    Let me wish you a belated Happy Birthday and was glad to hear that it was truly a good day.

    It takes a little time here but often the things that we desire pop up and make ones life a little more enjoyable.

    I’m always looking for things that will make things even better (probably most available in Bangkok) but happy for what I have and always look forward to future surprises.

    Hope you are finding some success with your trains.

    Well, enjoy E.A.T.’s when you can and let your wife know she had the better choice – prime rib over chops.

    Suspect unfortunately if she is anything like my wife she has it cooked well done (a pity what my wife does to a piece of meat – I refuse to even cook filet Mignon for her – med/rare a must).

    Keep having fun.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Len and many thanks for your comment.

    I am finally getting round to clearing a backlog of comments and emails – I can’t believe how busy I am and I’m supposed to be retired here in Thailand!

    So apologies for the belated reply but I value your comment nevertheless, as always.

    We both don’t like travelling much and yes, there are plenty of delights in Bangkok which I do enjoy (particularly Western food and draught Guinness) but we find it just too tiring to get there and to get around.

    Playing with trains is still a dream at the moment, so much to do organising the workshop and finishing off the model stationery steam engine.

    My son Alex may come out for a couple of weeks and he’ll bring a steam train model kit with him which we can build and get running inside the two weeks. I’ll post something on this on the ModelEngineeringInThailand.com website.

    Filet Mignon? I thought you lived in the country? Surely you can’t get filet Mignon outside of Bangkok or Phuket?

    There is a decent steak house near us in Pakchong (Pak Chong) called .Chock Chai Steak House but it’s too expensive for us. And oh yes they do have Filet Mignon on the menu, but at 1,100 Baht I’ll pass on that.

    Double that for two people and add on a glass of wine or two and you’re into 3,000 Baht. That’s not for us unless it’s a very special occasion in which case I’d rather go to

    E.A.T. at Khaoyai and get Lamb Chops and some English Beer.

    Anyway, Lenny Kanyah doesn’t eat Farang food. A bowl of rice some raw or quick boiled veg and a bowl of that stinky brown stuff with fermented fish and red chilli peppers floating in it is Kanyah’s idea of proper food. She calls it Pla but I think the correct name is Pla Ra.

    Here is a recipe for Pla Ra (fermented fish).

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Jerry:

    Great find


  • George Hill:

    Good evening Alan
    It looks like double congratulations are in order.
    First on your birthday and secondly on finding a place to eat, drink and enjoy it.
    Hope to give it a try when I get up to visit you and Kanyah.
    Maybe one day a ride there on the traction engine. As you said Beer, steam and loud rock music make for an interesting retirement.
    How did Alex Thai nationality go?
    Will be in touch later.


    admin Reply:

    Hi George and thanks for the nice comment.

    Finding EAT and some decent beer certainly changed the way I think about Pakchong (Pak Chong) now. I have been back once and still enjoyed it. Bought a couple of bottles of “Trashy Blond” one of my favourite beers in UK.

    Alex is now registered on Kanyah’s house papers as a Thai National!

    We did this at the local Amphur even though he hasn’t got a Thai Birth Certificate! We have applied for that but they said it would take three months.

    Changing the subject a bit but related to you visit to Pakchong (Pak Chong) a few days go I bought some steel sheet from the local steel distributor in Pakchong (Pak Chong) – Ying Jaleaum. Spent a good few minutes taking a movie of their steel stock. There is just about every type and size of steel any model engineer could wish for. Even railway track sections!

    The movie is on the ModelEngineeringInThailand.com website at http://modelengineeringinthailand.com/materials/ying-jaleaum/

    Thanks again for the nice comment and speak to you soon.



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