Now She Want To Ruin The View From The Balcony By Doubling The Size Of The Ground Floor With An Aircraft Hangar!

I’m talking about Kanyah of course and whenever she says “I’ve been thinking” or “I’ve got an idea” that’s when I get nervous and start to deep-bury my wallet!

But before I get into detail about what she’s planning lets look at a few photo’s of the view from the balcony and the view of the balcony from the  garden all of which will be obliterated by her latest “Grand Design“!

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What’s Behind Her Latest Grand Design Idea?

Here’s a photo of the patio at the rear of the house, overlooked by the balcony:-

Ima ge of Pakchong House Rear Convrete Patio Area

Pakchong House Rear Concrete Patio Area

I like to sit at that marble table at lunchtimes and sometimes I put a sheet of protective plywood over it and do a bit of hand work on one of the model steam engines I am building.

You can see now that the seats and table are in the shade, so it’s a bit later in the day –  afternoon. The air temperature will be around 30 to 34 deg C. I’m acclimatised to around 32 deg C so that’s OK as long as I’m in the shade.

But when there is no shade, as in the photo below, it’s far too hot.

Below, the entire patio area is exposed to the sun and it’s too hot for any practical use – except to use as a car park!


The Rear Patio Used As A Car Park

So I agreed at first with Kanyah’s idea of proving some shade over the patio.

I had a marquee idea like this:-

Image of Another Garden Marquee Idea for Pakchong House Patio

Garden Marquee Idea for Pakchong House Patio

or even a larger version of our garden ‘sum’:-

Image of Pakchong House Garden Shady Sum

Pakchong House Garden Shady Sum

or even a well-built wooden Pagoda:-

Image showing Thai House Garden Shady Pergoda

Thai House Garden Shady Pergoda

She Said NO! To All Of Those Ideas

But Kanyah flatly rejected all of my ideas out-of-hand. No, No, No. (Heard that before?)

She wanted ‘one of those new roof ideas’.

I had no idea what she was talking about until we went to the Home Pro DIY superstore and she pointed to their hideous car parking canopy.

Back home to try to get an idea of what she wanted I made a few sketches and after more No!s and lost of pointing up to the balcony I ended up with the sketch you can see below.

Her idea is to extend the balcony roof out over the Patio and out over the road to act both as a car-port and to stop the rain blowing in onto the balcony from the side. (Of course this roof would also stop the rain blowing in from the garden side)


Sketch Of Kanyah’s Idea Of The New Patio Shade

As you can see it’s a massive steel-roofed structure.

The underside will be treated with a proprietary foil-backed foam insulation to reduce radiated heat.

What you will see from underneath will be structural steelwork and the foil finish. Hardly rustic at all!

The View From The Balcony Will Be Completely Wiped Out

And of course all you will be able to see from the balcony will be the underside of  this huge aircraft hangar of a structure!

  • Gone will be the panoramic view of the countryside from the balcony and even the view of the garden.

Instead all that will be seen will be hideous structural girders and a sky of silver foil!

And all the heat from the underside of the sun-shade roof will rise to the balcony and enter the house.

  • Gone the cooling breeze from the lounge windows that we enjoy in the evening.

Also the sun-shade roof will block out the early morning sun that streams through the windows at dawn to wake us up.

  • Gone will be the dawn light shining into the house.

Trying to be constructive I suggested that in the corner on ground at the end of the driveway  floor we build a cheap block building to keep all our ‘unwanted in Pakchong’ items.

What I’m referring to is all the soft furnishings and other junk that has followed us all over the world for the last 30 years, such as:-

  • Carpets from Morocco at least 27 years ago.
  • Carpets from Lesotho (Tiny Kingdom buried in South Africa) about 23 yeas ago.
  • Blanket from Saudi Arabia about 30 years ago.
  • Bed sheets, Duvets and blankets that we will never use in Thailand.
  • A mass of for want of a better word ‘crockery’ which means plates, bowls, mugs, cups and even a full Wedgwood Dinner Service.
  • And so on. She can never throw anything away.

For my brilliant idea I got another well-earned NO!

To my question of ‘where shall we put it then’ the answer came back “on the  balcony” – since it wouldn’t be splashing with rain anymore.

  • Gone will be any recreational use of the balcony.

Wait For The Next Episode To See What Happened Next

That’s enough for this post. it gives you the background to a serious issue.

She want this hideous sunshade which will ruin all the benefits of the balcony and probably de-value the house enormously.

I don’t want that and I don’t want to spend what I expect to be a significant amount of retirement capital on such a monstrosity.

I have a derailment plan – let’s see if it works.

Update – The Next Installment Has Now Been Posted Online, The Bold Headline And Link Are Given Below

How To Successfully Design And Manage Building Construction In Thailand

That’s one massive promise and it assumes that there is a construction project in Thailand to be managed.

Visit the page to see if my secret derailment plan will work. Go to:-

How To Successfully Design, Procure And Project Manage A Construction Project To Quality And Budget In Thailand

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20 Responses to “Destroying The Lovely Balcony Panoramic View”

  • Tim:

    Alan. It’s your hard-earned that pays for everything so if you say no then no it is. This is how a Thai would react. You will gain more respect if you show you are the boss. If not you will be seen as a soft touch by all and sundry.
    Don’t compromise. You are the boss, remember.


  • bill:

    yep been there and we done that
    what we did is extended the side with a concrete slab and fitted a hand rail
    will send you a few pic’s of it (send me your email address)
    I went back to Australia and had a 9mtr x 5mtr sail made to cover the top outside entertainment area
    will look really good when I make the steel posts to fit the sail
    being an Aussie we tend to spend a lot of time outside
    you are going to have a sheet steel roof….shit you will cook…is too hot here


  • Steve Dench:

    Stick to your guns or you will keep spending. The house looks beautiful, you have a great investment. The proposed changes would make it harder to sell, if you ever wanted to.


  • mel:

    oh dear alan, what a to do.

    i take it from this the container arrived without to much trouble.

    you would have loved to be with me last sunday. traction engine, pumping station, etc. all in steam as well. one which took my attention for a long time had an optical illusion. a tap appeared to be suspended in mid air with water pumping out of it.

    glad everything is working out there for you, even if tanya is trying her best to clutter the place up.

    howard and malc are ok. although if malc gets much bigger radford will have its own gravity field.

    the bike that has been in the back yard for so long. its at last being used. i have every sunday off (all day not just a bit of it). so been cycling and eating out, visiting places

    look forward to your next post. mel


    admin Reply:

    Hi Mel – great to hear from you and all the news at The Plough.

    The container arrived but not without a lot of anguish and missing boxes. That’s a whole episode in itself and well worthy of a long Post in normal full detail.

    Luckily none of the missing boxes had workshop tools or traction engine parts in them.

    Yeh I would have loved that steam day out with you – but you make no mention of the real ale. Guess you were on lager or on the wagon?

    Come to think of it didn’t you think to ask Howard to go along, you know his passion for those kind of things.

    ‘clutter the place up’… I could think of a few words to replace ‘clutter’. But I will be getting a huge shaded area to expand my workshops into and put down a garden railway…
    Please reply to this email address to receive priority attention:

    Perhaps Malc is unconsciously – as you say – trying to generate a gravity field in The Plough to draw more customers in?

    Good to hear your’e getting a day off every week and getting around, we bought my bike over to Thailand but it’s still in the box and will probably remain their until we need the space for something. Then Mrs Brown will decide we must have a bike shed to put it in.

    Keep in touch and

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Jens Steinicke:

    Hi Alan,
    Yes, I can see how you have a problem. Such a steel structure would really ruin just about everything in and around the house
    . But there are alternative solutions without such terrible side affects!

    First of all, you need to postpone all decisions until my wife and I get back to Pak Chong in December. Because I would like to help you and Kanyah with a complete solution, which you both are going to like.

    It looks like there is no gutter on the house. That of course is a problem, – but a problem which can be solved. I remember how your house looks like. But it is of course necessary to measure the space around the house, in order to find that “complete solution”.

    But please don’t build a hangar.

    It sounds like you are enjoying retirement in Thailand. My wife and I are ready to do the same any time I get my properties sold here in Denmark.

    Best wishes from



    admin Reply:

    Hi Jens and good to hear from you again.

    Wait until December!! Are you kidding? She’ll (Kanyah) be on project X + 5 by then.

    There is a gutter on the house and makes a very convenient place for Nok Eings’ – intelligent bird species – nests.

    I’m still waiting to ‘retire’ in Thailand. Retiring for means doing what you want when you want. Seems I’m always doing stuff for someone else and have too many projects on the go. Result is not enough hours in a day, not enough days in the week.

    Nevertheless I couldn’t go back to the UK, I’m here for ever.

    Hope you realise your own retirement plans soon enough.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • George Hill:

    Good Morning Alan.

    Unfortunately I know the problem well.

    I am not sure if it is just all Thai wives or just the older generation. But they have no idea about aesthetics.

    As for not throwing any thing away I too have bin bags of old plates, mugs, pillows, and as for old clothes my better half has enough to supply a thrift shop for years.

    As you show from the photographs the layout of the house and garden look neat and tidy, No junk piled up in corners. And the views from the upstairs are marvelous.

    The Thais just want what gives the result they require. So if shade is what is wanted they do not care what gives it or at what cost in cash or looks.

    The marquee looks best but I think is impractical more from the wind and strong sun. The Shady Pergola looks very comfortable. I could see me sitting in there with a cold beer in the afternoon.

    Well best of luck


    admin Reply:

    Hi George and good to hear from you again, your comments are always interesting.

    I have to say that Kanyah has very good taste and an eye for the expensive. She knows quality and style and she knows how to apply her knowledge.

    So I don’t know what is going wrong with this aircraft hangar. I pointed out the underside of similar roofs on many buildings about town and all she could come up with was “but this is a factory and ours is a house not a factory”.

    The fact that many of these ‘factories’ she saw are warehouses is lost on her. As is the fact that the size of the structural steel is based on the size of the roof not the purpose to which the building is put.

    As I intimated in another comment I’m past caring. I don’t care what it looks like. I get a huge shady patio into which I can expand my workshop and work outdoors plus I have plans to run a Gauge 1 steam railway around the patio and under the shade.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Why spoil the nice view with that monstrosity? Any of your 3 other suggestions would be more appropriate but I’d leave well alone.

    Thais do like their structural steel which is OK in the right location. Around here in Esarn, there is such a wide variation in the quality and design of houses, sometimes finished in gaudy colours!

    Anyway, good luck!



  • Jim:

    Put your foot down Alan
    Some of the things my wife has done to our house I have just removed there is a lot of things on my house just unnecessary
    20 lights in the living room etc?
    Good luck


    admin Reply:

    Hi Jim,

    I would love 20 lights in the living room – provided I am allowed to switch them all on…

    She (Kanyah) fanatical is about saving small money she switches all the lights off and sits in the dark! I like it bright – I’m not a bat.

    But when it comes to big spending (witness the sun shade aircraft hangar) especially on garden-related items it’s gay abandon and to heel with the cost.

    Jim, as soon as she gets out of bed (a good 4 hours after I do thank heavens – if there are such places) she starts finding fault with anything related to me. It drives me mad. So she’s gonna get her aircraft hangar to keep her quiet and I don’t give a damn about the view from the balcony either – all I care about is building my steam engines in the workshop.

    Tel me, Jim, (no need to answer) when you take the things down your wife put up does she just accept it or get a bit, let’s say agitated?

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Max Corrigan:

    Alan this is my first post on your excellent site, I am going through the procedure of retiring to Thailand I have a Thai wife ex-government School teacher which means I get free treatment in government hospitals including dental which is handy with my teeth!

    We have a new house in Sattahip which I have been visiting for the past 4 years, my question is very basic as I keep reading confusing information.

    Visa Requirements

    Firstly, as I understand it I need the three month visa OA?

    What do I need to take with me to the Embassy here in London, I can download the forms, plus marriage certificate? bank statements which won’t show 400,000 baht until I sell my house, what else? and as I don’t want to return after the first three months would I need to take the all clear police statement when I apply for a marriage retirement visa A? in Thailand and how do you get this police clearance statement from police station with their banking opening hours, or can you do it online?

    Model Engineering In Thailand

    I am similar to you in another respect, ie. model engineering I have sold my Myford S7 and my small mill, which I powered up with the ubiquitous wind screen motor, I have built about five stationary engines from scratch, as well as the Stuart mill engine you have built from castings, these are all sold as could not afford to take my model engineering stuff to Thailand.

    About thirty years ago I started to build a 1.5″ Allchin traction engine did the wheel rims front hubs and a lot of other stuff but then came unstuck trying to silver solder the boiler as the required heat is considerable plus I did not know the heat range of the different solders I had, which would have enabled me to step solder ie hardest solder inside first then softer solder outside, after this failure, I lost interest, and built the engines already mentioned.

    I am selling the very little built Allchin on ebay at the moment.

    This a long winded post so I will stop here before I bore you to death.

    If you can answer my visa questions that will be great help.

    Spoiling The Retirement House Balcony

    As regards your lovely Balcony you must be firm with her, and come up with a solution to suit you both, she must be made to realise that if you are not happy, it will reflect back on her, more than she probably realises.

    Right I better go, keep up the good work Alan, maybe get up too see you one day!

    Regards Max


    admin Reply:

    Hi Max, thanks for the comment and here is my response.

    Thai Government Hospitals

    My experience of Thai Government hospitals, and I have been several times, is very positive, so having free government healthcare is a great bonus for you.

    Visa Requirements In UK

    To answer your first question:-

    “Firstly, as I understand it I need the three month visa OA?” etc.

    You seem to be mixing the two.

    I assume a Retirment Visa is your ultimate goal?

    I have clarified the difference betwen an ‘O’ visa and an ‘OA’ Visa in this article The Differences Between The “O” And The “O-A” Visa and listed all the requirements for each one.

    You need to take all those documents listed with you to the Thai Embassy in London and you need to be 50 years old or over for the ‘OA’ Visa.

    Without the 40,000 baht you are a bit scuppered.

    I can’t say how to get the Police Clearance certificate but I’m sure you can do it online in the UK. I didn’t actually get one – see below.

    Before You Go To The Thai Embassy

    Before you go to the Thai Embassy do your homework. I wrote the article Thai Non Immigration Visa – Exactly How Not To Get Your Mutiple Journey “O” Non Immigration Visa From The Thai Embassy in UK
    on this very subject and strongly recommend that you study it well.

    Obtaining A Retirement Visa In Thailand

    I came to retire to the Thailand in July 2013 on a Non ‘O’ Visa Thai Non O Multiple Entry Visa Received.

    Three months after my stay here I went on a visa run (had to leave the country every three months) to Cambodia via the Poipet /Aranyaprathet Cambodian / Thai Border Crossing. on my returm the Thai Immigration Officer stamped my Thai multiple entry visa as “Used”. It was null and void.

    I was well and truy up a creek without a paddle.

    But I managed to get a Thai Non O Non Immigrant Retirement Visa and a Thai Multiple Entry Visa from right here in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

    Read the How I Got My Thai Non O Non Immigrant Retirement And Multiple Entry Visa story for full details.

    Model Engineering In Thailand

    You can build up a model engineering workshop here in Thailand. I suppose after selling your UK house you will have some spare cash for that?

    There is an excellent website for Model Engineers in Thailand called (you’ll never have guessed it)

    Amongst other things on the website there is an excellent resources section. Here is a link to one showing where to get mini-lathes in Thailand.

    Review of PCAM – Precision CNC & Machinery, Thailand

    Your Allchin Traction Emngine

    From what I have read, the Allchin traction engine is a very detailed model and takes years to build. Hope my Little Samson 6 Inch Scale Traction Engine Model doesn’t suffer the same fate as your Allchin!

    Spoiling The Retirement House Balcony

    As to coming to a compromise with Kanyah over the sun shade sho isn’t taking any prisoners. I’m not saying she is hot headed, intransigent, determined and unable to viualise what this structural monster roof will look like. But I can imagine that someone with those characteristics would dig her heels in until she got what she wants.

    Then when it’s built she’ll probably complain about it.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown

    PS I’m sure we’ll meet up in Thailand sometime.


  • Jens Steinicke:

    Hi again Alan,
    Another little detail, which you could present to your dear wife, is that a metal roof works like a radiator down on the people sitting under it!
    Best regards


    admin Reply:

    Hi Jens and thank you again for your useful comment.

    What Kanyah will say is that the roof will be fitted with and aluminium and insulation barrier which can reduce radiant heat by up to 97%.

    There are plenty of websites showing the kind of material, just enter this search string in a search engine:-

    under roof thermal insulation and foil heat reflector Thailand

    By the way we insulated our house with this material.

    You could also look at Does a Radiant Barrier really work

    What she doesn’t know and I have made this point on the website is that the hot air that will be trapped under the roof will rise up to the house proper where it will make the balcony hot and make the first floor rooms also hotter.

    Jens, please don’t think that I am dismissing your ideas and thoughts to help me to get Kanyah to change her mind. But she is very headstrong and I do have a plan to put her off her ‘Big Idea’.

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Jens Steinicke:

    Hi Alan,
    Yes of course, I should have known that you already had a plan. Glad to hear that! – Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.
    Best regards


    admin Reply:

    Hi Jens,

    Please check out the next development here:-

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Phil and Tuk:

    I loath to admit this Alan, but my wife is the boss of everything we do in Thailand. I just figure she is smarter than me, and strangely enough everything just seems to work out fine.
    I am not saying you should fold to Kanyah though….


    admin Reply:

    Hi Phil, yes it’s the same here – to an extent.

    With regards to Thailand stuff (house, garden etc) she usually gets her way. With regards to my model engineering workshop ( I always get my way.

    I can live with that.



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