Yet Again All Construction Work Comes To A Halt On Our Thailand Retirement House Build Project In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Only a few days after our builder and labor had returned to site to continue building our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong) as explained on the Thai House Roof Construction Problems page, he (and the labor) left site again!

This Time There Is No Mystery

The difference this time is that there is no mystery why the builder has left site. It’s Songkran and the biggest Thai holiday of the year.

Songkran Holiday Day In Thailand

Songkran Day is the traditional Thai New Year’s. It falls on the thirteenth of April every year. April is the hottest month. It is when the sun moves into the constellation Aries and the year changes.

Even though it is the hottest time, it is the time everybody looks forward to it. People take time off from work all over the country and there are games played everywhere. The official holiday is the three days from the thirteenth to the fifteenth of April. It is also the National Elderly Day and Family Day.

However, most people will ask for more days off or for vacation time. If they are not working for the government, they have to ask their employers. During April there is no ploughing going on so farmers can rest and have fun to their heart’s content.

During the three days of the celebration, there are activities like making merit with the monks, releasing birds and fish, pouring water on the monks, Buddha images, respected elders and other people. The water used is clean water that is mixed with perfume. The water used to splash on ordinary people can be just plain water.

This is the Thai holiday that people pay more attention to than any other. Many people go home to celebrate with their families. Lately, the fun and the tradition of the Songkran Festival has declined somewhat because of the tight economy, but it is still the most important holiday in Thailand.

Work Re-Starting Soon

Yesterday (Friday 15th April 2011) was the last day of the Songkran holidays and I’m expecting that the work will start on site again next Monday. I’ll check that with Kanyah tomorrow as I prepare for my trip to Thailand next week!

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4 Responses to “Construction Works Stops Again – for Songkran”

  • 80% of all your effort will be needed for the last 20% of the work  pace your self  its looking great   [easy for me to say i know ]  I’ve pulled out of buying a plot in town because the people had borrowed money and used the plot as collateral after weeks of talks i relised the deal was a none starter  and ive come across  a hand full of plots near the beach nice and flat level good area half rai  is half a mill im ready start [im getting good prices here for labour  ] look forward to your updates


    admin Reply:

    Hi Craig and thanks again for another great comment. It’s really useful to hear from the experiences of someone with more experience.

    Can I ask a question about those land prices in Thailand you mentioned? From your previous comment you said that you were living in Chumphon, which is about halfway between Bangkok and Phucket . So are those prices for beach-front locations at Chumphon? If so would they have a Chanot or be Nor Sor Sam Gor – or no Thai land title deed?

    As to saving 80% for the last 20% this is I think what is called Pareto’s law. But you must know, Craig, that in Thailand a foreigner is not allowed to do any kind of work! So I don’t intend doing any. There may well be another 80% of effort to finish the last 20% of the house but it won’t be my effort! My money, yes, but working… forget it.

    See, Craig, I’m learning from you and trying to take the stress out of my life ready for retiring stress-free in Thailand.

    Keep the comments comming.

    By the way, I’m not sure if you have joined the Announcement List. It’s easy to do and I’ll send you an email whan I add useful information to the website. Just go to the Announcement List Emails page and put your name and email in the Form and that’s it. I guarantee you won’t be receiving any junk mail.

    Best Regards



  • i respect your experience in life having looked at your cv and i respect you for the information you give here  no way should you think i have more experience   [i read your web page you dont read mine ] i dont think anybody can build a house and do it all stress free we can only try our best  im amazed you can do what you have. . .well done so far mate. . .as for land round here ive looked at loads  all with a chanot   one street back  from the beach [3 mins on my moped] you can find one ria for a million baht, beach  front is 2 and half  million for one rai   the banks own some bits of land [repossesions] worth searching there web sits  i spoke to a dutch fella from pai the other day he came here just to invest in a bit of land he said he got just over one rai 3 min from beach from the bank for 750  000  dealing with the banks is ok . labour prices seem ok  trouble is all the farmers and fisherman call them self builders ive been weeding my way round who shall build for me  met lots of builders every time i see a new house being built i go chat  and look at the work ive seen 2 i like  they are working prices out  [ with repect i say it all takes thai tme ] by the way i love the beach and chumphon its a great life here


  • i must say there is lots of land way above there worth mostly close to the beach     most of the plots for sale on the beach 6 rai plus and wont be sold in 1 rai lots   so before you give me a land rush down here on cheap land  buyers i think should look at as much land as they can before they buy    i rent a house in the town but i spend a lot of time at the beach nearly all thais  and a hand full of of interesting and friendly falangs  this really is a good place to buy with the airport just opened its worth a look to anybody looking [one man heaven is another mans hell]


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