Thai Retirement House Construction Contract Signed Jan 02, 2011

The following message sent to everyone on the Announcement List 2 Jan 2011:-

Hi everybody, and  Happy New year!

A bit late, I know, but it’s been a long couple of weeks.

I bought a new air ticket and flew out to Bangkok on Christmas day. Goodbye snow and ice-bound U.K. and welcome 30 deg C + Thailand!

It has been an endless round of talking to builders, going to wonderful restaurants and watching the Pakchong Cowboy Show. (More later on that)

But after a hectic, frustrating, and very busy couple of weeks, we have finally signed a contract with a builder to have our retirement house built in beautiful Pakchong.

In fact as I write this email, our builder is on the way to see us to present the final drawings that will accompany the Construction Contract.

With my brand new CamCorder I have recorded hours of ‘footage’ (pardon American language but there doesn’t seem to be an English equivalent) of my visit and the Pakchong Cowboy Show. The climax was the firework display at 12 midnight on December 31st and it was sensational.

I’ll be posting a movie of that (along with all the other stuff) later when I have had time to edit it, but it really was out of this world. For example, the firework displays put on for the Chinese Olympics pales in comparison. And that’s no exaggeration.

Oh! And the music at the Pakchong Cowboy Show was also fantastic. This was far better than Glastonbury – and it was completely free…

What a wonderful place Pakchong is.

That’s all for now, more movies and photos to on the website soon.

So another massive step forward to achieving our dream of retiring in Thailand.

It can be done!

Best Regards

Alan and Kanyah Brown

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2 Responses to “Construction Contract Signed”

  • Kath:

    Hello Alan,
    Can you go over which builder you decided on? Labor only or labor with material included.

    I remember at one time you guys had problem finding a builder in Pakchong. Also were you able to get the expected cost of building the house as originally planned?

    Thanks for any info you could share. Enjoy your post and learn alot.



    admin Reply:

    Hi Kath and thanks for the question.

    It’s something everyone would like to know, I think.

    The short answer is that I went with a builder who would provide the materials as well as the labor. As I have explained my wife, Kanyah, does not really have the skils and experience to do the materials purchase as explained on the Finding Builders in Thailand To Build Our Retirement House In Pakchong page.

    As to costs, yes the price we agreed was within our budget, so that was good too.

    The builder is very helpful and friendly, a really nice guy, and the build is progressing well. A Few Photos Of Digging For The Foundation Footings here and later today I’ll be posting more pictures of progress and the The Yok Sow Eg Sow Tor Ceremony.

    I’ll also be giving details of how the final negotiations with the various builders went but probably not just yet. If you want to know the story (very interesting) then I’ll probably send it to the people who have joined the Announcement List to keep the information private for a while.

    Once again thanks for the comment and please ask if you need more info.

    Best Regards



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