All The Concrete Posts Are Finished Up To Roof Level

Pictures taken in Pakchong, Thailand second week of February, 2011

Progress Update On Building Our Retirement House At Pakchong (Pak Chong) In Thailand

Piles Of Steel Mesh Metal Lattice Fencing Panels Ready For Erection

Image Of Thai House Pakchong Fence Panels

Stack Of Made-Up Fence Panels

Kanyah’s nephew, Jalan is pre-assembling these galvanized steel mesh panels that will form the perimeter security fence around our land at Pakchong (Pak Chong) in Thailand where we are building the dream house that we intend to retire to.  There is more detail on this kind of fencing including cost information on the Steel Mesh Fence Construction plus Progress Report web page.

Concrete Posts (Columns) Complete Up To Roof Level

All the concrete posts (columns) are complete up to roof (eves) level now. At this level there will be a concrete ring-beam running all around the perimeter of the house upon which the roof rafters will sit. You can see a similar ring beam already complete on the second floor level. (Note for Brits. In U.K. the Ground Floor is called the “Ground Floor” and the next floor is called the “First Floor”.  In Thailand these are called the “First Floor” and “Second Floor” respectively. I am using the Thai  nomenclature throughout this website.

Image Of Thai House Pakchong All Posts Finished Up to Roof Level 1

All Posts Finished Up to Roof Level

In the picture above you can count the number of posts (columns) there are 4 in each direction, 4×4 – 16 posts. This is called a 16-post house.

Image Of Image Of Thai House Pakchong All Posts Finished Up to Roof Level 2

All Posts Finished Up to Roof Level 2

In the picture above you may be able to see that the supports holding up the second floor concrete are made from pieces of wood nailed together. You may also notice that the concrete beam  between the two rightmost posts is lower than the remainder.  This is intentional – the lower area will become the balcony and is on the same level as the Dining Area and the Kitchen. There will be a step up into the main internal accommodation. this is to prevent water ingress from the monsoon rains.

Image Of Thai House Pakchong All Posts Finished Up to Roof Level 3

All Posts Finished Up to Roof Level 3

Above, notice the quaint mixture of technologies in the steps and ladders department. Aluminium steps on the lft and bamboo ladder on the right!

The House Build Is In Advance Of The Construction Schedule (Program)

Image Of Construction Schedule Task 11

Construction Schedule Task 11 - Ahead Of Schedule

Above you can see an extract from the Construction Schedule for our house build.

Task 11 “Upper Column” is scheduled for completion a few days into March 2011. In fact, those columns were complete about a week ago – certainly no later than the middle of February.

This puts our construction about two weeks in front of program. (Schedule for you Americans). This is of course very good news. Not only does it mean that (if this trend continues) our house will be finished on time or earlier, but also it gives confidence in our builder who prepared the Construction Schedule before we signed the Construction Contract. It demonstrates that thisbuilder is an expert in his profession.

Make This Check Before You Sign A Construction Contract To Have Your House Built

When you are ready to have your retirement house built in Thailand check out the Construction Schedule that my builder produced and see if your proposed builder can produce an equivalent. You can download the full Construction Schedule on the House Build Construction Schedule page.

My Movies In Thailand

There are a few new pages I have added since the last post and these can be be found on the My Movies In Thailand page.

The new pages show some movies I filmed in Pakchong (Pak Chong) when I was there in early January, 2011.

They include the Pakchong Cowboy City Countdown 2011 – Happy New Year 1 movies and the Our Land In Pak Chong videos.

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