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Fullers London Pride, Fullers London Porter And Other Fullers Beers At Cheap Low Prices Now Available In Thailand

Just When I Was Reporting How Good Things Were Getting In Thailand They Suddenly Got Better Still!

Here’s a photo showing just how good retirement life in Thailand has become:-

Photo of Alan Enjoying Fullers London Porter Beer

Alan Enjoying Fullers London Porter Beer

Getting hold of Fullers Beers like London Pride and ESB for example is not difficult in Thailand, even where I have retired to in Pakchong (Pak Chong). I have already reported how I bought some Fullers London Pride, ESB and Trappistes Rochefort at the E.A.T. Paradise in Pak Chong.

Half Price English Beer In Thailand!

But this time it’s a lot different because the beer is so cheap – cheaper in fact than you can buy it in the U.K. where it was brewed!

Take a 500 ml bottle of fullers ESB for example. The price of this beer from E.A.T. at KhaoYai (Pakchong actually) was 250 Thai Baht per bottle. That’s GBP £4.70 or USD $7.76.

Now compare that with the list price for the same beer from this new supplier:- 125 Thai Baht equal to £2.35 or $3.88.

Half price!

O.K. I did a quick check online and you can buy Fullers ESB in 500 ml bottles for £1.99 in UK supermarkets. But if you buy Fullers ESB in a normal shop or a Pub in U.K. it will cost you much more than you can buy in Thailand.

The Fullers Official online shop lists Fullers ESB at £2.125 per 500 ml bottle.

But we’re getting off the point here. ESB may be a beer that Fullers are promoting heavily and selling cheap. But the beer source in Thailand doesn’t just sell ESB.

And, as you saw in the photo above I bought Fullers London Porter which is not so readily available in UK, especially at low prices.

Image of Bottles Of Fullers London Porter Beer

Bottles Of Fullers London Porter Beer

Where Can You Get Cheap Fullers English Beers In Thailand?

So what is the source of my cheap beer in Thailand and how did I find it?

Well I’ll tell you the source in a minute but let me first tell you about the guy who introduced me to this beer supplier in Thailand.

His name is Shaun Burke and he’s the manager of Cromwell Tools in Bangkok, a massive supplier of tools and a great boon to us model engineers in Thailand.

Shaun came to visit me here at our retirement home in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand and was interested to see my model engineering workshop.

I took Shaun down to see the top tool shops in Pakchong as he was keen to develop some business relations with them. It was a fun trip for me.

Anyway, back at the house, I placed an order for some cutting fluids with Shaun and the topic of conversation migrated towards English Beers.

I don’t know how but Shaun got hold of the idea that I was keen on real ale and english Beers. As luck would have it so was Schaun and that’s when he introduced me to the supplier in Bangkok and he kindly offered to bring me a box of beer next week together with my cutting oils since he wanted to follow up with the tools shops in Pakchong.

I should explain that I paid for the beer and Shaun was doing this as a personal favour to me – it was nothing to do with his Cromwell Tools business.

That said here is the price list for the English Beer that anyone can buy from the supplier in Bangkok:-

Image showing Price List of Fullers Beers You Can Buy in Bangkok

Price List of Fullers Beers You Can Buy in Bangkok

If you want to compare prices the current exchange rate is 53 Thai Baht/£ so to get to Great british Pounds divide by 53.

The name of the company supplying these beers is Paulaner Thailand and they have a website at

Here are some more useful links at their website:-

Fullers London Porter

Address and Map of Paulaner Thailand

You can download a copy of the Paulaner Thailand full beer price list in pdf format here.

Alan and Kanyah Having Christmas Dinner at E.A.T. Khaoyai Pak Chong 2013

Photos of Kanyah and myself having Christmas lunch at the E.A.T. restaurant in Pak Chong, Thailand.

Raw fish for Kanyah (AKA Sashumi), Australian Steak for me.

Beer is English Fullers ESB and American Langunitas IPA – Delicious.

Photo of Kanyah looking forward to her Christmas Dinner at E.A.T.Khaoyai Pak Chong Thailand 2013

Kanyah looking forward to her Christmas Dinner at E.A.T.Khaoyai Pak Chong Thailand 2013

Photo of Alan Christmas Dinner at E.A.T. Khaoyai Pak Chong 2013 01

Alan Christmas Dinner at E.A.T. Khaoyai Pak Chong 2013 01

Photo of Alan Christmas Dinner at E.A.T. Australian Steak

Alan Christmas Dinner at E.A.T. Australian Steak and ESB

Photo of American Beer Langunitas IPA

American Beer Langunitas IPA

Happy Christmas to Everyone

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Guinness Foreign Extra Stout In Thailand?

Following the success at opening my Thai Bank Account and obtaining my Thai Driving License I’m hot on the heels of my next challenge on my retiring in Thailand journey:- Finding some decent beer.

Many years ago somewhere on the coast just south of Bangkok around the area of Samut Sakhon I enjoyed a few delightful bottles of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout sometimes also called Guinness Export.

Now it seems to have disappeared completely from the Thai market.

Can anyone please help me to get a pickup or two full of crates of the stuff?

Its The Real Guinness Foreign Extra Stout I’m Talking About

I’m not talking about the normal draft Guinness (but I will be a bit later) but the special Guinness brewed for export. It has a lovely real-ale flavour and is possibly bottle-conditioned. It’s around 7% alcohol by volume (ABV) but this varies from country to country.

I have had it in England and also in Nigeria where it’s very popular.

This movie shows you what Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is:-

Where Can I Buy Normal Draft Guinness?

Since I’ll probably draw a blank on finding supplies of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout I’ll ask if anyone can tell me where to buy normal draft Guinness as sold in the bars in Bangkok and other holiday resorts.

I’m really looking for a keg of it that is dispensed with a tap and a bottle of CO2 (or Nitrogen?)

Failing that where can I buy a few cans of the stuff?

Nearest big Tesco to us at Saraburi doesn’t sell Guiness of any sort.

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