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Learn How To Speak Thai

Learning how to speak Thai can be a delightful experience at times and extremely frustrating other times! I know because I have been learning how to speak Thai for nearly thirty years!

My First Attempts At Learning To Speak Thai

Learning The Thai Language From Books

When I first started to learn to speak Thai there were not the audio courses and Thai CDs available that there are today. At that time I was working in Basra, Iraq, and did my best to study the Thai language from a book I picked up in Bangkok called “The Fundamentals Of The Thai Language” (Fifth Edition – first published in 1956) by Stuart Campbell and Chaun Shaweevongs.

I had another little Thai phrase book, too,  “Guide To Thai Conversation” by the Chalermnit Pres (1962).

I did most of my studying in the back of the car that took us to and from our work place in the desert every day.

You can guess I didn’t make much progress and you’d nearly be right. Of course I had no chance of learning to pronounce Thai words, but I did learn some of the alphabet and learned to read a little and write even less.

Thai Langange Course By Linguaphone

Many years later Lingaphone published a Thai Language courses including books and audio tapes prepared by Dr. Manas Chitakasem and David Smyth (dated 1984).

This was different because I was no longer in Iraq and had to drive my own car. Hence my style of learning to speak Thai changed from studying books to listening to audio tapes.

I now had a chance to learn the sounds of the Thai language, but I hardly never had time to both listen and follow the book at the same time. Since the Thai audio tapes were completely in the Thai language I found it very difficult to learn the meaning of the words and progress was still slow.

Learning The Thai Language Using The Rosetta Stone CD

Next, I bought the  Rosetta Stone Learning The Thai Language CD and found that great fun. You run the CD on your PC (It’s not an audio CD course) and it works by presenting you with a series of questions and for each question a choice of four answers. You click what you think is the correct answer with the computer mouse.

You can select various modes of questions, such as audible, written text (Thai language of course) or both.

It’s great fun and you learn quickly. But again there is no English, so instead of learning what the Thai words actually mean, you are guessing what they mean by their context.

A big drawback is that you must sit down at your PC to learn. You can’t play the CD in a CD player and listen as you drive, for example.

Since, as before, I had no time to sit down and study how to speak the Thai language, I quickly put the Rosetta Stone Learning The Thai Language CD to one side.

Then recently I cam across a Thai language audio course that was in both Thai and English.

Learning To Speak Thai With “Thai for Beginners by Benjawan Poomsan Becker”

Image of the Thai for Beginners course by Benjawan Poomsan Becker

Thai for Beginners

When this course arrived – I bought it on the Internet here – I was absolutely delighted.

The course Thai for Beginners by Benjawan Poomsan Becker was a mixture of  English  followed by the Thai version. At last I was able to learn spoken Thai just from the audio tapes (it’s also available with CDs) when driving my car.

So delighted was I with the course that I then went on to get the Thai for Intermediate and Thai for Advanced courses.

There are other books and CDs and even DVDs by Benjawan Poomsan Becker such as the Practical Thai Conversation DVD and the Speak Like a Thai CD series (6 CDs available individually).

More About Learning To Speak Thai

You can find out more about how to speak Thai on the Learn Thai page on this website or to find out more about Benjawan Poomsan Becker’s Thai language courses click here.

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