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What An Amazing Week

Our son Alex visited us for three weeks to apply for his Thai Nationality. At the same time I had to go to Cambodia to renew my Thai visa and I wanted to see a friend I had met via this website who was a fellow model engineer and lived in Pattayah.

We made and followed a blistering itinerary and here is the story.

Awaiting text and media. this will take a while!

Visit To Cambodia To Get My Visa Renewed

The two border towns at the Thai/Cambodia border are Aranyaprathet on the Thai side and Poipet on the Cambodia side.

There is nothing much to say about Aranyaprathet  but Poipet is a different animal altogether. The border crossing and particularly on the Cambodia side reminds me of an old Wild West movie. It’s dirty, dusty and well… just wild.

But, just to set the scene, lets see a movie taken on the Thai side:-

And a movie taken on the Cambodia side, a walk down the high street at Poipet:-


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