Building A Retirement House in Thailand

We are more than just planning to build a retirement house in Thailand we are well on with the house plans. You can see some of those on this website at

Those plans I made myself on AutoCad but did I did start with a basic house design I downloaded from this Thai website:-

The next stage is to obtain budget quotations for my house design before moving to the next stage. I’ll be doing this over the internet and will tell you exactly how when I have been through the process myself.

But before I seek the quotes, there are a few things I need to do to the house drawings to provide more information. (These may well be done when you read this – depends upon what time you came to this post).

Here’s what I’m going to do next to the drawings for of our Thai retirement home:-

  • Add to the drawings:-
    • Sink and drain in the Workshop
    • Designate the WC and shower area walls as being made from brick
    • Add a finishes schedule showing what materials and finishes are to be used for walls, floors and ceilings
    • Add the folding windows to the Living room
  • Make a cross section though the building
  • Add some Thai language notes

So you can see I still have plenty to do before I start to get budget quotations from Thailand for our planned retirement house.

Keep in touch and I’ll update the web page holding the Thai house drawings as soon as I’m ready.

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