How To Build A House In Thailand

I have just started a new section of the website all abut building a house in Thailand.

You can visit the page on this website at Build A House In Thailand.

This section of the website will be regularly updated with all the information that I come across as I start to plan and build my own retirement house in Thailand.

As such, you will have access to all the latest and up-to-date information. I’ll be covering such topics as methods of building, materials, components, how and where to buy materials etc.

There is a whole section devoted to useful web links pointing to other websites relating to building a house in Thailand.

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Land Purchase Update

I mentioned in a previous post “Problems Buying Land In Thailand” that we had hit a snag about buying the land upon which to build our retirement home because the land owner had knocked out the marker posts with the bulldozer when clearing the land.

These posts now have to be put back in the correctly surveyed position and verified by the Land office. The land owner has employed a private company to do this work and we are waiting for it to be completed before we can sign the Chanoht and take ownership of the land.

The situation is still the same. I am waiting for a call from Thailand to say it’s been completed and then I’ll jump on a plane and flight out there. All the above is written into a contract that my wife signed when she paid the deposit for the land.

The latest time in the contract for signing the Chanoht is 18th may 2010. i.e. 60 days after paying the deposit. So it’s a bit tense at the moment as we await the news.

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One Response to “Building A House Thailand”

  • I feel your pain. We are in the process of getting a house built and there is always something that gets in the way. Having to wait for architectural drawings to get approved, water lines run, electricity (poles and wires) run to the house, the survey, and other bureaucratic BS is enough to make you lose your hair. Toss in rainy season and your patience is gone quickly. Fortunately for me, my Thai wife takes care of 99% of the stupid stuff. I just supply the ATM card.


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