Kanyah Has Sacked Our Builder And All Work Has Stopped As He Clears The Site

1015 AM GMT Wednesday 25 May, 2011, in U.K.

Kanyah just phoned me to say that she has finally terminated the contract with our builder because of his shoddy work quality and inability to adhere to programme. This is a final decision by Kanyah, this Thai builder will not get another chance to work on our house.

The builder has removed the living accommodation for the labour and taken down the wooden ‘scaffolding’ used to access the higher levels of the house.

The builder was not too pleased and called the police who said it is nothing to do with them.

Now the builder is clearing his property from the site.

This is the end of the road for this builder on our retirement house build project in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, and naturally, all building work has come to a stop.

That’s all the report I have for the moment.

Kanyah will send photographs but right now she is busy dealing with the builder’s departure.

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2 Responses to “Kanyah Has Terminated The Builder Today – All Work Stops”

  • Cliff:

    I recommend you advise Kanyah to be vigilant for the next few days. The Thais can get pretty crazy when there is loss of face like this (and money) especially when drink is involved. I’ve personally witnessed people being gunned down over affairs far less improtant than this. I don’t want to sound alarmist, just for her to be careful and vigilant until tempers die down and it gets forgotten.


    admin Reply:

    Thanks, Cliff.

    I’m glad I’m not over there so that it doesn’t become a ‘Farang’ thing. Could be very nasty.

    I know about violence in thailand and when I was over there had to go to a funeral of a Thai friend of Kanyah’s who was killed by a family member (of the decesased). Gruesome story.

    One again thanks for the tip off.



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