Budget Price For Building A Retirement House In Thailand

This is just a short note to let you know that I have now received a guideline budget price for building a house in Thailand and you can see a summary at http://retiringinthailand.net/house-build-thailand-2/thailand-house-prices

The budget price is given as a total in Bhat for the retirement house I plan to build in Thailand for when I retire to Thailand, and also as unit rates (cost per square metre) in Baht/m2.

Also I have received a fee proposal from a Thai Architect in Bangkok for producing the house plans that can be used to obtain a firm price for building the house from a Thai house building company.

I will be posting the full response as received from the Thai building company on the website and the link to the full details are on this web page: http://retiringinthailand.net/house-build-thailand-2/thailand-house-prices

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    I really don’t likethe current situation here in Bangkok. It affects my sales, my life and and and. When is it going to stop…


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