Absolutely The Best Videos Teaching How To Pass The Thai Car Driving License Practical Driving Test

The World’s Best Video And Training Website To Pass The Thai Driving Test In A Car

Not only do these movies show all the three tests (Reversing, parking and Stopping) they show these from different angles.

The driving (by myself) and my techniques are superb since I practice the Thai Driving license Practical Tests on my own private test track in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand every day.

Why I Can Claim My Driving And Techniques Are Superb

All these videos were taken this morning. Each video is a completely separate manouvre. So for example, for the parallel parking videos I complete 5 successful tests sequentially. I didn’t fail any one.

These videos were shot on location on my own private test track which is a full-sized version of the test track at the driving license test center in Pakchong (Pak Chong).

Parallel Parking With Only Three Gear Changes

This is The Thai Car Driving License official Test No. 3

You are allowed up to seven gear changes. I do it repeatedly with only three – the minimum possible.

Watch my parallel parking driving techniques from different angles and learn my tactics – you’ll soon be passing the test yourself!

How To Do The Parallel Parking Manouvre – Part 1

Reversing Into The Box

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 1

Reverse 1.

As soon as the nearside rear wheel is alongside the last post start turning the car.

This is the key. The position of the rear wheel next to the last post is what decides you when to start turning.

As soon as the rear wheel is clear of the last post you can forget about it.

Now just focus on not hitting any offside posts with the front of the car or the front wheels.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 2

Reverse 1.

With practice you can start turning before the nearside rear wheel is alongside the last post.

I do this and wiggle the front wheels so that they and the front of the car doesn’t hist any post.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 3

Still Reverse 1.

As soon as the front of the car is clear of the last offside post put the car on full lock.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 4

Still Reverse 1.

As soon as the Offside wheel is in the box immediately put the car in the opposite full lock to get the front wheels in the box.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 5

Forward 1.

Watch the sticks behind you via the rear mirror. Immediately you are close to them put the car on the opposite lock and drive forward unti you are close to the front posts.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 6

Reverse 2.

Reverse again just to straighten up the car and the front wheels.


This First Movie Is Brilliant And Shows You All The Moves

How To Do The Parallel Parking Manouvre – Part 2

Getting Out Of The Box

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 7

The secret is to get get the rear offside wheel out of the box and as far to the right as possible to allow a straight exit up the reversing slot.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 8

Reverse slowly up to the rear poles. Take care not to hit them!

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 9

Full lock to turn right and move forward.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 10

Straighten up the wheels and revers to the poles.It is important that the wheels are straight so that the car reverses in a straight line. You want to keep the rear wheels as far to the right as possible.

Reverse Parallel Parking Secret No. 11

Repeat 9 and 10 until the nearside wheel is clear of the last nearside post.

There is no limit on how many gear changes you can make on getting out of the box so take your time, repeat 9 and 10 as often as possible and don’t go too near any posts!

The Second Movie Is Similar But From A Different Angle

Tip. Notice that I roll back. I didn’t change gears so that technically it is not a gear change – but it is a change of direction and the testers may count it as a gear change. So don’t roll back – instead use your handbrake!

At the beginning of the movie you may be able to see me ‘twisting’ between the offside posts with the front wheels to get the maximum turn early even though I am nor clear of the offside posts yet.

In This Third Movie Notice How I Swing Opposite Lock As Soon As The Offside Wheel Is In The Box

The Forth Movie Is a Close Up Of The Front Wheels


1. How I start turning before the rear nearside wheel is close the last offside post.

2. How I wiggle the front wheels and front of the car in between the post to get maximum steerage without hitting any posts.

3. As soon as the front of the car is clear of the last post I put on full lock.

In Movie Five Notice How I Swap Lock Immediately The Offside Rear Wheel Is Inside The Box


This is The Thai Car Driving License Official Test No. 2

Stopping On The White And Yellow Lines

This is The Thai Car Driving License Official Test No. 1

To make sure I stop on the yellow line I hang my head out of the window and look towards the front wheel (which I can’t see).

As soon as the yellow line lines up to a point about 50 mm from the top of the mud-flap I know the wheel is exactly on top of the yellow line.

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9 Responses to “Best Thai Car Driving License Test Videos”

  • Len:

    Good luck on your driving test. This looks like one of the toughest around. Too bad you
    don’t know someone that knows someone. My wife had but did not want to use her
    international driver’s license – she wanted to use her Thai ID (but it has her maiden name -
    long story) – paid 2000 bt – took the written test by hitting all A’s for choices – when the
    moderator questioned her my wife reminded her that this was paid for and she got her
    passing grade – when she went out for the driving test someone handed her paper to
    the instructor who marked a passing check mark (everyone must do the color blindness test and reaction test) – photo and driver’s license. It’s so much easier this way. Your
    test area looks like my driveway – about 20 car lengths with a cement wall on each side
    and if I close my side mirrors I get about 8″ on each side – at the end I must take a
    sharp left – too early I am on my neighbor’s front walkway – too late and I hit a cement
    wall – 1 car length and an immediate right turn – back up with 2 pillars on my left and
    have to get the car very close to those so I can lower my tarp – but go too far back and
    I will hit my house. I have a Honda Car but like you I have problems seeing – I CANNOT
    see the front of the car (even tried putting pillows so my head was against the roof – and
    I cannot see my back – I have had to learn to guess-timate and sometimes I have guessed wrong. The front and back are very short and angled down. Oh yeah – to get
    into my driveway I must approach from 1 side because the entrance is angled and not
    possible to turn in from the other way. Village “roads” are very narrow – when here in
    1972 it was just walking paths – then those were tarred. – viola – roads.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Len and thanks again for your contribution to the website community.

    The description you give of your narrow driveway and reversing difficulties is the first practical application of the Thai Driving Test skills applied to real life that I’ve heard of!

    Like you I can’t see the front of our car unless I’m standing in front of it!

    But I’m sure you don’t mean that literally. Like you say it’s all guesstimate when reversing and stopping and that only comes through practice.

    The problem I see with Thais (and farangs) trying to pass the Thai Driving Test is that there are no places to practice.

    On my test track I have demonstrated not only that practice is essential but also that it almost guarantees a pass.

    On a separate subject I prefer to do everything ‘my way’. If I could ‘buy’ everything i would have no achievements. Just image how wonderful I will be feeling when I get my Thai driving license next Wednesday!

    All the best my friend,


    “Surfing The World”


  • bill:

    Im lucky I have inter liscence and do not drive a tank but BMW which is easy to park and reverse…has parktronic to make things easier


    admin Reply:

    hi Brian, lucky you.



  • Brian:

    In Pattaya it is important to knock over at least 1 farang pedestrian before you are eligible to even sit for a licence.
    Joking of course. I’m told here that the book of road rules is the funniest book around


    admin Reply:

    Brian, thanks for the observation.

    Does anyone know where to get “the book of road rules”

    Best Regards



  • Dave:

    What fantastic videos of the Thai driving test manouvres. But what has this got to do with driving safely on Thailand’s highways and in Bangkok?


    admin Reply:

    Hi Dave,

    Good point and the answer has to be not much. To be fair it does demonstrate a good bit of knowledge about you car, use of gears, clutch and especially mirrors.

    I guess the skills learnt would be useful in negociating your way through the traffic jams in Bangkok?

    Best Regards

    Alan Brown


  • Cyndee:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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