This Is Where We ‘Always’ Go For Lunch In Pakchong (Pak Chong) – Plus Buying A Lathe In Thailand

Pah Pai has been running the wonderful restaurant in Pakchong (Pak Chong) for around 30 years.

I always look forward to having lunch in Pakchong (Pak Chong) at Pah Pai’s restaurant.

It has a lovely garden and plenty of shade from the sun.

This is a sign advertising her restaurant in Pakchong (Pak Chong):-

Image of Sign Advertising Pa Pai's Restaurant In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Sign Advertising Pa Pai's Restaurant In Pakchong (Pak Chong)

Here is a photo of  Pah Pai herself in the restaurant garden:-

Image of Photo Of Pah Pai Herself In The Restaurant Garden

Photo Of Pah Pai Herself In The Restaurant Garden

Watch this short video to see how lovely the garden restaurant is:-

Pah Pai’s speciality is Larp Phet – is a north eastern food and Phet means Duck.

Pah also does a lovely Yum Pla Muk (squid salad) and of course the usual range of Thai yams and curries.

Image of Yum Pla Muk (Squid Salad)

Yum Pla Muk (Squid Salad) At Pah Pai's Restaurant

A lunch for Kanyah and myself with about three dishes plus rice and two large bottles of Heineken costs around 500 Baht.

Buying A Lathe In Bangkok For My Model Engineering Workshop

When I retire to Thailand I intend to be making model steam engines and other kinds of models.

To do this you need a model engineering workshop which must contain a steel workbench and a lathe.

A milling and drilling machine are also important, and my lathe incorporates both of those machine tools – saving me a lot of money.

On the Model Engineers Workshop In Thailand – Buying A Lathe page I show you how I bought a lathe from a lathe shop in Bangkok. Also there is a story about using the Garmin nüvi® 2565 Sat Nav to find the lathe shop in Bangkok.

As to the steel workbench, you can see that on the Model Engineers Workshop In Thailand – Steel Bench page.



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2 Responses to “The Best Restaurant In Pakchong (Pak Chong) And Buying A Lathe In Thailand”

  • steven jones:

    hi,how long does it take  after house is built can you have electric conected


    admin Reply:

    Hi Steven, thanks for the question.

    The quick answer is that you can have the electricity connected before you even start to build your house in Thailand.

    At least we did when we started the construction of our retirerment house in Pakchong (Pak Chong) back on 6th January, 2011, as you can read on the Retirement House Build Started post where there is also a photo of the temporary electric meter and some information about getting a temporary power supply to the building site before you build the house.

    The cost of the temporary is electricity is quite hign so you’ll want to change over to permanent supply as soon as the house is finished.

    Changing over from a temporary to permanent electricity supply took three months in our case in Pakchong. (Pak Chong). The electricaity company said they were “changing the system” so everybody in the same situation as us had to wait. I don’t know what kind of “system” they were changing, but at leaest we are on the permaenent power supply now and Kanyah was given back a 7,000 Baht deposit.

    You can ready about the costs of getting the electricity power supply to our retirment house in Thailand on the “Electricity Connection Started” Post.

    Hope that helps to understand how to get an electrical power supply connected to a house in Thailand.

    Best Regards



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