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A Link to The How I Got My “Retiring In Thailand Retirement Visa”

This page only exists to provide this readily accessible link to the Retirement Visa “Retiring In Thailand Retirement Visa” Post which I can never find myself when I want to!

It’s the story of how  the Thai Immigration made a mess of my valid Multiple Entry Visa rendering it invalid and how the result was that I obtained a Retirement Visa – something I didn’t know I could get from here in Thailand.

The Paradise Lifestyle Continues With The Retirement Visa Extension

Yesterday (20 January 2015) I went to the Thai Immigration Office at Nakhon Ratchasima where they extended my Retirement Visa for another year thereby extending my paradise lifestyle by another year too.

Image of Alan's One Year Thai Retirement Visa Extension

Alan’s One Year Thai Retirement Visa Extension

But this event may signal the end of this website and this could be the last Post on this website as explained below.

How I Got My Thai Retirement Visa Extension From The Thai Immigration Office

This is not a story about how I got my Retirement Visa in the first place.

You can read about how I got my Retirement Visa “Retiring In Thailand Retirement Visa” Post. That came about unexpectedly after the Thai Immigration made a mess of my valid Multiple Entry Visa. A story in itself.

I went with my Thai wife Kanyah to the Thai Immigration Office (The Thai term is Immigration Bureau) in Nakhon Ratchasima (AKA Korat. I could never understand how Nakhon Ratchasima could be called Korat, but when you look at it it’s a bastardisation of NaKhOn RATchasima) early on 20 January 2015 to make sure I was first in the queue. (I was).

The Office opened at 0830 although this is not signposted anywhere.

At about 0930 I was all finished with the brand new one year extension to my Thai Retirement visa you see in the scanned image above.

Getting the retirement visa extension is quite straightforward when you know what documentation is required and you have all the documents correctly.

I presented the following documents as listed in Form TM7:-

  1. Completed Form TM7 “Application For Extension Of Temporary Stay In The Kingdom”.
  2. Current Thai Retirement Visa in Passport.
  3. Evidence of not less than 800,000 Baht in a Thai bank account for at least three months prior to the sate of application.
  4. Copy of personal details page and all other pages in applicant’s passport that have Thai immigration stamps.
  5. And of course the application fee of 1,900 Baht.

Further to those documents I had to provide the following although they are not listed in TM7 nor listed in the document “Documents to be presented to the Thai Immigration Bureau when requesting extension of stay for retirement” that I obtained from the Immigration Bureau in Nakhon Ratchasima on 5th January when my previous application was rejected:-

  1. Wife’s House Book and signed photocopies thereof.
  2. Wife’s Thai ID Card and signed photocopies thereof.

Very Important Aside

Residency Dependence

The requirement to provide these latter two documents is both very important and unwelcome for me.

In the first place if I need to produce them every time I extend my stay I assume I must bring along Kanyah (Mrs Brown) to sign the photocopies and present the originals.

Now, this means that not only must Kanyah still be alive, but that she must be willing and able to make the trip and sign the documents.

The implication is that I am dependent upon the availability and good will of Kanyah to continue my residency in Thailand.

Residency should be granted irrespective of my marriage to my Thai wife and other people have told me that it is.

So something is seriously wrong here that I must get to the bottom of.

Certificate Of Residence

Another person told me of a Certificate Of Residence that I assume (dangerous to assume) certifies that the applicant is living in Thailand and has his address recorded. Presumably (dangerous to presume) this can take the place of the Thai spouse’s ID card and House Documents.

So it may be worth applying for that Certificate Of Residence document.

Bizarre or Merely Obtuse?

And where do you think you apply for the Certificate Of Residence?

Yes, you got it. At the Thai Immigration Bureau!

By the way I just downloaded the appropriate application Form from the Thai Immigration Bureau website.

On the website the application Form is called “Certificate of Residence Application (TM.18)”.

When I opened it:-

A) I couldn’t understand it even though it is English and Thai

B) When opened it is called Form TM 1 “Application for Substitute of Certificate of Residence”, which is another Form I downloaded as is called TM 20! The two Forms are not the same.

Your Application May Be Different

Because the method of providing proof of income and/or capital may be different in every case and also because there are options to demonstrate financial stability on the application form your application may well be different than mine.

Here is a copy of the document “Documents to be presented to the Thai Immigration Bureau when requesting extension of stay for retirement” . To see a large pdf version that you can print out click here.

Image of Thai Retirement Visa Extension Requirements List

Thai Retirement Visa Extension Requirements List

Download Page of Forms and Information Documents on the Thai Immigration Bureau Website

There is a wealth of information on the Thai Immigration Bureau Website and even a download page where you can download various Policy Documents and Application Forms.

Here is the link to the Download Page:-

Thai Immigration Bureau Website Download Page

Here is a link to download the Retirement Visa Extension Application Form, TM7:-

Download Extension Of Temporary Stay In The Kingdom Application Form (TM7)

List of Forms and Documents Available For Download

To see a complete list of documents available for download from the Thai Immigration Bureau website

  • Information Conveyance (TM.2)
  • Passenger List (TM.3)
  • Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom Application Form(TM.7)
  • Re-Entry Permit into The Kingdom Application Form(TM.8)
  • Permanent Residence in The Kingdom Application Form(TM.9)
  • Endorsement of Re-Entry Permit Application Form(TM.13)
  • Certificate of Residence Application (TM.18)
  • Substitute of Residence Certificate Application (TM.20)
  • Non-Quota Immigrant Visa Application (TM.22)
  • Extension of Temporary Stay During Resident Consideration Application (TM.25)
  • Form for Aliens to Notify Their Change of Address or Their Stay in the Province over 24 Hours (TM.28)
  • Notification Form for House Master, Owner, or the Possessor of The Residence Where Aliens Have Stay(TM.30)
  • Form for Alien to Notify of Staying Longer Than 90 Days (TM.47)
  • Application for Change of Visa (TM.86)
  • Application for Visa (TM.87)
  • Transfer Stamp to a New Passport Form
  • Lost or Stolen Passport Form
  • New Passport Form
  • Application Form For Residence Certificate In Thailand
  • Transfer Stamp To A New Passport Form (For Residence Certificate)
  • Personal Date Form (For Residence Certificate)
  • Acknowledgement Of The Conditions For Permitted Continuation Of Stay In The Kingdom Of Thailand

A Millionaire’s Lifestyle

You know the list of things you would do if you won the Lottery.

  • Give up working and retire
  • Pay off all your debts
  • Go on holiday to some warm and exotic land
  • Buy a dream house – for cash
  • Spend every day doing just what YOU want to do

etc etc

Well I have done/still do all those things. I (we) truly do live a millionaire’s lifestyle. I’m not saying all this to boast. Just to put on record that I am living in Paradise and have to ask myself when I wake up every day to a glorious sunny morning ‘when will it end?’.

It’s Christmas Day Every Day

So many people look forward to the week-end every week.

Two days off work and do as you please.

Friday is a time to celebrate the coming weekend.

And Christmas day is the day you look forward to all year. The day to relax.

Maybe the time to indulge a little in doing the things you really like. A little bit of luxury and the chance to buy gifts for yourself and others that you normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

Well the week end and Christmas days are not special days for us. Every day is a weekend and a Christmas day.

If we won the Lottery it wouldn’t change our lives much.

We are already living a dream life – a life in paradise.

Sure, a million (£s or US$) in the bank would make us feel a BIT more secure. I would be able to travel to UK frequently to go to the Traction Engine Fairs and sample the English beers. A million would enhance our lives a bit but not drastically change it.

I would still spend 10 – 12 hours a day in the workshop making my model traction engine and Kanyah would still go to work in the fields.

Here is a photo of a model traction engine very similar to the one I am building:-

Photo of 6" Scale Little Samson Steam Model Traction Engine

6″ Scale Little Samson Steam Model Traction Engine

Just to clarify: That is not my traction engine and that is NOT ME at the wheel.

Funny Story About Kanyah Working

By the way here is an extract from an email I sent to the Mel, Landlady of The Plough, my local pub in England:-

Mel, it’s worth reading to the end on this one.

I have often complained to Mrs Brown that she over-pays the neighbours to do jobs around the house, typically moving the lawns, trimming the hedges, cleaning the house.
But raising this subject is like a red flag to a bull. You want a bit of distance between you and her if you mention it.
Anyway a few weeks ago when she went corn picking one day they were rained off in the afternoon about 4 pm. She came home early and soaking wet. Dead tired and cold.
Because of the enforced short day they only paid her 250 Baht (about £3) instead of the normal 350 Baht (£7).
Totally naively and unprepared for the outburst of wrath that followed I made the point again.
Why should she go out to work all day (six hours in this case) and make herself tired just for a meager 250 Baht when she will gladly pay the neighbours 250 Baht for two hours work to clean the house or 400 Baht to cut the lawn which only takes three hours?
I was totally unprepared for the answer.
“I don’t pay the neighbours to clean the house or cut the lawn. You do“.
What more can I say?

Mel was a bit indignant that I let Kanyah (AKA “Mrs Brown” in The Plough) go out working in the fields and wanted to know “what I was going to do about it?” and more stridently in a later email so have you done anything about it yet?????“, to which I replied:-

Mel, look at it this way…
  • She’s out of the house and out of my hair all day.
  • All day she can’t moan and complain about me. (She can but I won’t hear it)
  • When she gets home she’s too tired to moan and complain about me.
  • If fact she’s so tired when she gets home she goes straight to bed.
  • And she makes some pocket money.
So what do you think I’m going to do?
Send her out to work again!

Kanyah really loves going to work on the farm. It’s the way she was bought up as a child and now she does it to keep interested, keep herself fit and it never hurts to earn a little pocket money does it? Look at her grinning in this photo:-

Photo of Kanyah Grinning Ear Top Ear As She Is Ready To Go To Work

Kanyah Grinning Ear Top Ear As She Is Ready To Go To Work

And I had to add this photo to show you the lovely country setting where we live in Pakchong (Pak Chong):-

Photo showing Kanyah Walking Down Our Road On Her Way To Work

Kanyah Walking Down Our Road On Her Way To Work

We already are ‘living the dream’. Oh! Just to be sure, take a look at the photos of our garden, below. All Kanyah’s work. So it was great relief yesterday when the dream was extended for another year.

Our Lovely Garden

And when she isn’t out working in the fields Kanyah loves to tens and develop our lovely garden. Here are a couple of photos:-

Photo of Sunrise In The Garden Of Our Our Retirement Home

Sunrise In The Garden Of Our Our Retirement Home

Photo of Orchid Flower At Our Retirement House In Pakchong

Orchid Flower At Our Retirement House In Pakchong

The Last Post From Me On The Retiringinthailand.Net Website?

Let me explain I am no longer retiring in Thailand. That was a journey that began 8 years ago at the LamTakahong Dam near to Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, on Christmas Day 2006, when this whole retiring in Thailand idea started. That’s finished.

With this retirement visa extension I am now classifying myself as permanently Retired to Thailand.

I can’t write any more about retiring in Thailand because I have now done it. It’s over.

The Retired To Thailand Story, Though Continues Here

The Retired to Thailand story continues on the website where I write about Model Engineering in Thailand, and  where I report all the details of making the half sized Little Samson Traction Engine model.

If you pressed me to I could write here about being retired in Thailand and I do have a stock of photos, videos and stories (see below) that I never had time to write on our retiring in Thailand journey. So I could write those up and some (most) of them would be funny and all of them interesting.

It’s Your Turn To Decide

If you want me to continue writing up the stock of stories from the retiring in Thailand journey or to write up the ongoing Retired to Thailand events please let me know. It takes a great deal of effort to keep this website going (and indeed all of them). I’ll only do it if there is sufficient interest. My writing here for no one to read and appreciate it is just a waste of time. So please let me know what you would like. Post your comments below or email me using the Contact Form if you don’t have my email address.

Unfinished Stories

Here are some of the stories I have in stock or never finished from the retiring in Thailand story:-

Stories I Haven’t Started

  • The Cambodia Visa trip
  • The Alex Get’s His Thai Birth Certificate and Thai Passport story
  • The madness of the motorcycles in the local market and Tesco! (Terrific twist at the end)

Stories I Started And Never Finished

  • Kanyah’s great aircraft hangar project
  • Confessions Of A Die-Hard Brit Retiring In Thailand
  • Cheap Phone, Cheap Calls, Cheap Internet
  • Nightmare Cut-Throats Barber
  • Thai Non Immigration (Non ‘O’) Retirement Visa Requirements
  • How To Succeed In Thailand
  • The Cost Of Land In Thailand
  • Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Thailand Confidential

Now She Want To Ruin The View From The Balcony By Doubling The Size Of The Ground Floor With An Aircraft Hangar!

I’m talking about Kanyah of course and whenever she says “I’ve been thinking” or “I’ve got an idea” that’s when I get nervous and start to deep-bury my wallet!

But before I get into detail about what she’s planning lets look at a few photo’s of the view from the balcony and the view of the balcony from the  garden all of which will be obliterated by her latest “Grand Design“!

How To View the Photos.Click on the buttons below the screen,  SL for Slade Show, FS for Full Screen FIA-Gallery-Click-Buttons


What’s Behind Her Latest Grand Design Idea?

Here’s a photo of the patio at the rear of the house, overlooked by the balcony:-

Ima ge of Pakchong House Rear Convrete Patio Area

Pakchong House Rear Concrete Patio Area

I like to sit at that marble table at lunchtimes and sometimes I put a sheet of protective plywood over it and do a bit of hand work on one of the model steam engines I am building.

You can see now that the seats and table are in the shade, so it’s a bit later in the day –  afternoon. The air temperature will be around 30 to 34 deg C. I’m acclimatised to around 32 deg C so that’s OK as long as I’m in the shade.

But when there is no shade, as in the photo below, it’s far too hot.

Below, the entire patio area is exposed to the sun and it’s too hot for any practical use – except to use as a car park!


The Rear Patio Used As A Car Park

So I agreed at first with Kanyah’s idea of proving some shade over the patio.

I had a marquee idea like this:-

Image of Another Garden Marquee Idea for Pakchong House Patio

Garden Marquee Idea for Pakchong House Patio

or even a larger version of our garden ‘sum’:-

Image of Pakchong House Garden Shady Sum

Pakchong House Garden Shady Sum

or even a well-built wooden Pagoda:-

Image showing Thai House Garden Shady Pergoda

Thai House Garden Shady Pergoda

She Said NO! To All Of Those Ideas

But Kanyah flatly rejected all of my ideas out-of-hand. No, No, No. (Heard that before?)

She wanted ‘one of those new roof ideas’.

I had no idea what she was talking about until we went to the Home Pro DIY superstore and she pointed to their hideous car parking canopy.

Back home to try to get an idea of what she wanted I made a few sketches and after more No!s and lost of pointing up to the balcony I ended up with the sketch you can see below.

Her idea is to extend the balcony roof out over the Patio and out over the road to act both as a car-port and to stop the rain blowing in onto the balcony from the side. (Of course this roof would also stop the rain blowing in from the garden side)


Sketch Of Kanyah’s Idea Of The New Patio Shade

As you can see it’s a massive steel-roofed structure.

The underside will be treated with a proprietary foil-backed foam insulation to reduce radiated heat.

What you will see from underneath will be structural steelwork and the foil finish. Hardly rustic at all!

The View From The Balcony Will Be Completely Wiped Out

And of course all you will be able to see from the balcony will be the underside of  this huge aircraft hangar of a structure!

  • Gone will be the panoramic view of the countryside from the balcony and even the view of the garden.

Instead all that will be seen will be hideous structural girders and a sky of silver foil!

And all the heat from the underside of the sun-shade roof will rise to the balcony and enter the house.

  • Gone the cooling breeze from the lounge windows that we enjoy in the evening.

Also the sun-shade roof will block out the early morning sun that streams through the windows at dawn to wake us up.

  • Gone will be the dawn light shining into the house.

Trying to be constructive I suggested that in the corner on ground at the end of the driveway  floor we build a cheap block building to keep all our ‘unwanted in Pakchong’ items.

What I’m referring to is all the soft furnishings and other junk that has followed us all over the world for the last 30 years, such as:-

  • Carpets from Morocco at least 27 years ago.
  • Carpets from Lesotho (Tiny Kingdom buried in South Africa) about 23 yeas ago.
  • Blanket from Saudi Arabia about 30 years ago.
  • Bed sheets, Duvets and blankets that we will never use in Thailand.
  • A mass of for want of a better word ‘crockery’ which means plates, bowls, mugs, cups and even a full Wedgwood Dinner Service.
  • And so on. She can never throw anything away.

For my brilliant idea I got another well-earned NO!

To my question of ‘where shall we put it then’ the answer came back “on the  balcony” – since it wouldn’t be splashing with rain anymore.

  • Gone will be any recreational use of the balcony.

Wait For The Next Episode To See What Happened Next

That’s enough for this post. it gives you the background to a serious issue.

She want this hideous sunshade which will ruin all the benefits of the balcony and probably de-value the house enormously.

I don’t want that and I don’t want to spend what I expect to be a significant amount of retirement capital on such a monstrosity.

I have a derailment plan – let’s see if it works.

Update – The Next Installment Has Now Been Posted Online, The Bold Headline And Link Are Given Below

How To Successfully Design And Manage Building Construction In Thailand

That’s one massive promise and it assumes that there is a construction project in Thailand to be managed.

Visit the page to see if my secret derailment plan will work. Go to:-

How To Successfully Design, Procure And Project Manage A Construction Project To Quality And Budget In Thailand

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Yesterday We Returned To Thailand For Our Final And Permanent Retirement

Written on Monday 9th June 2014, the day after we returned to Thailand for final settlement.

Oh Boy… This Is The Life…

I love this. It’s a feeling hard to describe – no pressure, nothing to do if I want to or as much to do as I please. No deadlines to meet no travelling to do.

As the cliche goes – this is the first day of the rest of my life.

It’s a gloriously sunny day and warm day. I have swapped my jacket, jeans, shoes and socks for a lightweight short-sleeved cotton shirt (for modesty sake – it’s not needed to keep me warm) shorts and sandals plus a straw hat when I go outside.

Everything Else Was Just Getting Ready For It

Yes, I know I have written about retiring in Thailand many time before and I just spent 8 months here but this time it’s forever. No going back and no regrets.

Everything before this was just preparation for this day. It has taken eight years of planning and preparing for this moment. Looking for land, buying a car and land, designing and building a house, getting visas and a getting a Thai driving license and Thai bank account, bringing all our possessions over from UK and letting out the UK house.

What Shall I Do Today?

As I said I can do as much or as little as I like. There is a lot of unpacking to do and cleaning the house which after two months and ten days on standing empty is very dusty.

Kanyah is setting to cleaning the house upstairs helped by the neighbour. I have to clean this desk which is so dusty I can write my name on it.

But I really fancy going into the workshop extension where the big machine tools are and do some machining. I bought those machine before we went to the UK – it was about three months ago – and I have never used them. I can’t wait to put myself to the test doing some serious machining.

So Why Am I Writing This Instead?

Why amid I sitting in front of the computer writing this when I could be playing on my big machine tools or building my little steam engine or unpacking my bags or just sitting in the garden admiring the flowers and plants?

Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t capture this moment. This is a pivotal moment in my life. This is when it all starts.

All the years of all the dreaming, all the planning, all the money spent, and all the hard work has led up to this moment.

From now on it’s just this and more of just this. Forever. There’s plenty of time and no rush. What doesn’t get done today can wait until tomorrow… or the next day. There’s no pressure.

That’s a wonderful feeling I assure you. I don’t have to work, I don’t have a job, I don’t have to write this if I don’t want to.

But doing nothing and being lazy is not in my nature. I can’t ever ‘do nothing’. Sitting on the beach or around the pool is not for me.

I have got to be busy – always.

So in a moment I’ll be going into the workshop where the big machine tools are and put then and myself to the test.

What We Achieved In The Last Two Months

In case you didn’t know what we have been up to for the last two months and ten days let me explain.

We went to our UK home in Nottingham to clear it out and send all our possessions back here to Thailand and got it ready for letting out.

Easy to say like that but very difficult to accomplish in practice. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in such a short space of time.

In my life I (and Kanyah) have done many things. As a professional engineer I have been a project manager and managed the design and construction of many buildings and mechanical and electrical services in buildings both in the UK and in foreign counties.

I’m no stranger to complicates situations, planning and organisation and tight deadlines.

But the last two months and ten days was a feat that puts all the other projects to pale.

It was an accomplishment of planning and execution never surpassed. I was an achievement to be proud of.

We were down to the last hour finishing off before the taxi came to take us to the station on our way to catch the plane to Thailand at Heathrow airport.

Let me just summarise what we did:-

  • Packed all the belongings we wanted to take to send to Thailand.
  • This included furniture, kitchen appliances, dining sets, pictures hanging on the wall, office equipment and so on.
  • Not to mention my model engineers workshop which included many machine tools. All the machine tools had to be dismantled into to smaller pieces so that they could be man-handled. (I’ll have the job of re-assembly once they arrive here)
  • There were book and all my model engineering magazines, clothes and on and on.

Then there was the stuff to throw away. We started out with a large skip which we filled in one day. Later we had a smaller one which was soon filled. But that wasn’t enough, on the last day we had another pile of stuff in the driveway and at the last moment I organised a company to take it away.

But it wasn’t all just packing and throwing stuff away.

  • We had the house completely redecorated. New carpets and vynal flooring. I painted the outside doors and fixed the fence and gate.
  • When the house was ready for letting it looked a picture. Kanyah said that if it was always sunny (as it was 10% of the time) she would rather stay there than come back to Thailand. There was a bit of tongue-in-cheek when she said that but at least it indicates what a tremendous difference our efforts had made to the look of the house.
  • And let’s not forget that whilst doing all this I went out and bought all the castings for a half-sized traction engine, bought them back to the house and wrapped then for transport to Thailand. Those alone amounted to 53 packets and weighed around 200 kg.
  • And… And I placed the order for the boiler for the traction engine and bought many items for my model engineering hobby including a tank engine kit some silver soldering consumables and many other things you can’t get in Thailand like Levi Jeans that fit and English Mustard.
  • Oh and on the penultimate day I want to the letting agents to sign a leasing agreement. Yes, we even managed to find a tenant and our house is now let out. This is important for several other reasons, not just to generate a useful income. It keeps the house secure and looked after. It avoids the need for us to pay annual councul tax and monthly utility bills. Those bills alone amounted to £200 (10,000+ Baht) a month even though we were living in Thailand.

Coming Next On Our Retiring In Thailand Story

The above is just the feeling on the first day back.

Coming up are many stories, some going back in history and some yet to unfold. Such as:-

  • The Cambodia trip
  • Getting Alex’s Thai Nationality and Passport
  • The Container Saga

And so on…

So don’t miss out, if you haven’t already then Join the Announcement List and receive a notification when the website is updated with a new story.


Phase 2 Complete And Just Two Weeks To Go Before Returning To Thailand

When the Letting Agent took the photos of our empty house in Nottingham, UK, yesterday (Friday 23 May 2014) for use in marketing the property for renting out it marked the end of Phase 2 of our visit here in UK.

Phase 1 being the packing and shipping of my model engineering workshop and all our belongings to Thailand, which were in a container on 7th My and bound for a ship to Thailand.

Here are some photos of our re-decorated and empty house in Nottingham, UK. The house has been emptied and re-decorated so that we can let it out and earn a small income whilst we live in our retirement home in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand, instead of the house absorbing large running costs even though we are not living there.

nottingham house empty

[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00

Click SL to see a SLide show and FS to see Full-Screen sized photos:- 

What’s The point Of Showing You These Photos Of An Empty House?

It’s not to show off our beautiful house in Nottingham because it’s not beautiful at all.

It’s to show you how difficult it is to pack up all your belongings and ship them overseas to Thailand while you are still living in the same house which has (virtually) no furniture in it.

OK so there’s a sofa. But that’s only still here because it wouldn’t fit through the door when a charity company came to remove it. It’s actually quite convenient because I sleep on the sofa and Kanyah sleeps on the floor. (Thais can do that)

The day before we leave for Thailand the sofa will have to be cut up with a saw and posted out through the front door. When it came in to the house the front door was an old wooden one since replaced with a modern pvc door which is smaller than the old wooden door – hence the sofa won’t go out through it in one piece!

Basically all we have left to live with is the stuff we can carry in our bags on the plane back to Thailand.

The Price Of Owning An Empty House

When I was in Thailand for the last eight months on my trial retirement I was always concerned that we were spending a huge amount of money just maintaining our house in Nottingham, which of course we were not using. The sums of money we were paying out were huge compared to my single pension.

Here is a list of the annual and monthly bills I currently pay to keep the house running:-

Name Amount (£) Cost PA Cost Monthly Description
AA INSURANCE £4.49 £53.88 £4.49 Not Sure
BRITISH GAS SERVS £30.99 £371.88 £30.99 Homecare Insurance
CURRYS 3218064280 £8.00 £96.00 £8.00 Washing Machine
CURRYS 5002410821 £3.49 £41.88 £3.49 Fridge
NPOWER £49.00 £588.00 £49.00 Gas & Electric
SEVERN TRENT WATER £74.97 £149.94 £12.50 Water
COUNCIL TAX £837.91 £837.91 £69.83 Council Tax
HOUSE BUILDINGS INSURANCE £271.00 £271.00 £22.58 House Buildings Insurance
HOUSE CONTENTS INSURANCE £241.00 £241.00 £20.08 House Contents Insurance
TOTALS £2,139.49 £178.29

You can easily live on £178.29 (about 10,000 Thai Baht) a month in Thailand.

But what I’m planning is even better. The tenant will pay all those bills and I expect to receive £400 a month in rent. So we’ll be £578 (32,000 Thai Baht) a month better off. That’s around 1,000 Baht a day – you can’t spend that amount of money on daily living in Thailand.

Counting The Days To returning To Thailand

So now with the Phase 1 (packing and shipping) and Phase 2 (preparing the house for letting out) complete and exactly two weeks to go before we fly back to Thailand for permanent retirement and with not much to do except some admin jobs we really are counting the days until we leave.

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