Timeline To Retiring In Thailand – All Events And Activities Recorded

It has always been our dream (my wife, Kanyah a Thai National and myself an engineer living in the United Kingdom) to retire to live in our own house in Thailand. But like many people we simply could not afford to do so. The recession in 2008 hit us hard financially as the construction industry in the UK ground to a halt and my income stopped abruptly.

In November 2009 we had a pleasant surprise as a pension matured and we were suddenly more comfortably off. With work in the construction industry picking up again, we felt that at last we could see the way to retirement in Thailand and decided to build our retirement house there.

Everything we have done since then towards this dream has been and continues to be recorded on this website.

Further down on this page, there is a graphical history of all the major activities that have taken place and all the decisions we have made. If you are planning any kind of retirement in Thailand, designing, buying or building a house there, this timeline will give you a guide as the process and how long it might take you.

Below, The Timeline Of All Activites, Events And Decisions We Have Made As We Work Towards Our Goal Of Retiring In Thailand

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Image of Historic Time Line Of Building Our House In Pakchong, Thailand

Historic Time Line Of Building Our House In Pakchong, Thailand

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Thai Retirement House Construction Schedule (Program)

Image of the Pakchong Retirement House Build Construction Schedule

The Construction Schedule for Our Pakchong Retirement House Build Project

Above is the construction schedule (or programme – program in American) showing the sequence of building our retirement house in Pakchong (Pak Chong), Thailand. Each activity and the duration is shown. For more information go to the “The Construction Schedule for Our Pakchong Retirement House Build Project” page.

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