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Now She Want To Ruin The View From The Balcony By Doubling The Size Of The Ground Floor With An Aircraft Hangar!

I’m talking about Kanyah of course and whenever she says “I’ve been thinking” or “I’ve got an idea” that’s when I get nervous and start to deep-bury my wallet!

But before I get into detail about what she’s planning lets look at a few photo’s of the view from the balcony and the view of the balcony from the  garden all of which will be obliterated by her latest “Grand Design“!

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What’s Behind Her Latest Grand Design Idea?

Here’s a photo of the patio at the rear of the house, overlooked by the balcony:-

Ima ge of Pakchong House Rear Convrete Patio Area

Pakchong House Rear Concrete Patio Area

I like to sit at that marble table at lunchtimes and sometimes I put a sheet of protective plywood over it and do a bit of hand work on one of the model steam engines I am building.

You can see now that the seats and table are in the shade, so it’s a bit later in the day –  afternoon. The air temperature will be around 30 to 34 deg C. I’m acclimatised to around 32 deg C so that’s OK as long as I’m in the shade.

But when there is no shade, as in the photo below, it’s far too hot.

Below, the entire patio area is exposed to the sun and it’s too hot for any practical use – except to use as a car park!


The Rear Patio Used As A Car Park

So I agreed at first with Kanyah’s idea of proving some shade over the patio.

I had a marquee idea like this:-

Image of Another Garden Marquee Idea for Pakchong House Patio

Garden Marquee Idea for Pakchong House Patio

or even a larger version of our garden ‘sum’:-

Image of Pakchong House Garden Shady Sum

Pakchong House Garden Shady Sum

or even a well-built wooden Pagoda:-

Image showing Thai House Garden Shady Pergoda

Thai House Garden Shady Pergoda

She Said NO! To All Of Those Ideas

But Kanyah flatly rejected all of my ideas out-of-hand. No, No, No. (Heard that before?)

She wanted ‘one of those new roof ideas’.

I had no idea what she was talking about until we went to the Home Pro DIY superstore and she pointed to their hideous car parking canopy.

Back home to try to get an idea of what she wanted I made a few sketches and after more No!s and lost of pointing up to the balcony I ended up with the sketch you can see below.

Her idea is to extend the balcony roof out over the Patio and out over the road to act both as a car-port and to stop the rain blowing in onto the balcony from the side. (Of course this roof would also stop the rain blowing in from the garden side)


Sketch Of Kanyah’s Idea Of The New Patio Shade

As you can see it’s a massive steel-roofed structure.

The underside will be treated with a proprietary foil-backed foam insulation to reduce radiated heat.

What you will see from underneath will be structural steelwork and the foil finish. Hardly rustic at all!

The View From The Balcony Will Be Completely Wiped Out

And of course all you will be able to see from the balcony will be the underside of  this huge aircraft hangar of a structure!

  • Gone will be the panoramic view of the countryside from the balcony and even the view of the garden.

Instead all that will be seen will be hideous structural girders and a sky of silver foil!

And all the heat from the underside of the sun-shade roof will rise to the balcony and enter the house.

  • Gone the cooling breeze from the lounge windows that we enjoy in the evening.

Also the sun-shade roof will block out the early morning sun that streams through the windows at dawn to wake us up.

  • Gone will be the dawn light shining into the house.

Trying to be constructive I suggested that in the corner on ground at the end of the driveway  floor we build a cheap block building to keep all our ‘unwanted in Pakchong’ items.

What I’m referring to is all the soft furnishings and other junk that has followed us all over the world for the last 30 years, such as:-

  • Carpets from Morocco at least 27 years ago.
  • Carpets from Lesotho (Tiny Kingdom buried in South Africa) about 23 yeas ago.
  • Blanket from Saudi Arabia about 30 years ago.
  • Bed sheets, Duvets and blankets that we will never use in Thailand.
  • A mass of for want of a better word ‘crockery’ which means plates, bowls, mugs, cups and even a full Wedgwood Dinner Service.
  • And so on. She can never throw anything away.

For my brilliant idea I got another well-earned NO!

To my question of ‘where shall we put it then’ the answer came back “on the  balcony” – since it wouldn’t be splashing with rain anymore.

  • Gone will be any recreational use of the balcony.

Wait For The Next Episode To See What Happened Next

That’s enough for this post. it gives you the background to a serious issue.

She want this hideous sunshade which will ruin all the benefits of the balcony and probably de-value the house enormously.

I don’t want that and I don’t want to spend what I expect to be a significant amount of retirement capital on such a monstrosity.

I have a derailment plan – let’s see if it works.

Update – The Next Installment Has Now Been Posted Online, The Bold Headline And Link Are Given Below

How To Successfully Design And Manage Building Construction In Thailand

That’s one massive promise and it assumes that there is a construction project in Thailand to be managed.

Visit the page to see if my secret derailment plan will work. Go to:-

How To Successfully Design, Procure And Project Manage A Construction Project To Quality And Budget In Thailand

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