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Support Messages From Visitors Helping My Recovery

The last time I did anything on this Retiring In Thailand website was the last Post

Why I Can’t Retire To Thailand – Looks Like My Dream Fell Through Post and that was four months ago on 15 February, 2013!

 174 Email Messages In My Inbox To Get Through

Since then I have not even bothered to check my email account until yesterday. I did that because I am just about to buy my air ticket for my trip to Thailand next Christmas and I had used my email address when registering for Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus Membership and I had a log-in problem.

So I was sent them a message and looked in my email account and saw all these messages sent from the contact Us Form on the website.

Image showing 174 Messages from the Contact Us Form
174 Messages from the Contact Us Form

Looking through them I was amazed at the level of support there was.

Many were from people who had experienced the same doubts that I have. Some were from people who knew why I felt like I did.

I was blown away.

Proper Conduct, Please – My Apology

Now I know it’s my website, my blog, and I don’t have to write on it or update it if I don’t feel like it.

But what I shouldn’t do is to invite people to post comments on the site, or to sent me messages through the Contact Form and then just ignore them.

That’s not the proper way to treat people and I can understand people who have sent me a message or a question feeling let down.

To those people I offer my apology.

In future I will check the inbox frequently and reply to messages. Meanwhile I still have those 174 messages to read and respond to.

Some Messages from Website Visitors about Retiring in Thailand

Some of the messages from the Contact Us Form are personal, others are questions and some are visitors explaining their thoughts and experiences on retiring in Thailand.

Some of these thoughts and experiences on retiring in Thailand are very interesting and I’m sure that other visitors would like to read them and perhaps respond to them.

So with the writers permission i’m going to start to post them here on the website for all to see. I’ll be adding my own notes where I can but obviously since these people are already retired to Thailand it is their comments that will be most interesting.



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