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Making A Map Of  Your Land Using A GPS SatNav

Need a quick and easy way to get a map of any piece of land you might be interested in buying to build your retirement home in Thailand on?

This article might just be what you need, because I have written a comprehensive web page all about how to map a plot of land using a hand-held GPS SatNav.

Can a GPS SatNav really be used to generate a map of a plot of land? If so, here are some questions that spring immediately to mid:-

  • What type, make and model of SatNav is the best to get the GPS coordinates?
  • How correct will the finished map be? Withing 10 meters? Or within 1 metre.
  • Is it difficult to get the SatNav’s GPS coordinates?
  • Are there any suitable maps available covering the plot of land you want to map in Thailand?

If so, what kind of maps are there? Are there ‘soft’ maps i.e. maps that you load into a computer and perhaps can plot your land on? Or are there any tradditional ahrd copy (paper) maps of big enough scale available?

All these questions are ansered and more in my article.

The BestGPS  SatNav To Use For Mapping In Thailand

You probably wouldn’t buy a GPS SatNav just to make a map of a plot of land upon which to build a house in Thailand.

But you might want a GPS SatNav to navigate your way around the country and cities. This is where a hand-held GPS SatNav comes into it’s own.

However, not all GPS SatNavs – TomTom for example have maps for Thailand and many are not sufficiently accurate for the purpose of making a map.

In my article, “Making A Map Of The Land To Build A House In Thailand” I show you how I have researched all kinds of GPS SatNavs and one particular model stands out far above the rest. If you want a GPS SatNav to use in Thailand then this article is simply a must-read for you.

Thailand House Prices

I have just created that new page I promised giving all the details of what it costs to build a house in Thailand.

Here is the link: The Budget Price Of Building A House In Thailand

On that page you will find:-

  • Unit rates in Baht/m2 (Baht per m2) for building a house in Thailand
  • A cost estimate for the house I am planning to build when I start retiring in Thailand
  • A fee proposal from an Architect to make the house plans (drawings) that can be used to get a price to build a house in Thailand from a Thai builder and actually build the house.

This cost information is brand new and up to date.

Some of the house building cost information is as received by email from Kensington Company Limited – a design-and-build company based in Bangkok. I have posted the exact document they sent to me so that you can read exactly what they say about the cost of building a house in Thailand today – and not just what my opinions are.

The other building cost information is from research I have carried out on the Internet. Over half a dozen case examples are given all presenting the cost of building a house in Thailand in Baht per m2. One example even breaks down the unit cost into the separate elements of the building. For example the cost of roofing, flooring, windows, electrical etc are all given as a cost in Baht/m2.

This just has to be the the best resource for unit rates for building a house in Thailand on the Internet today. And it will be regularly updated as I receive more pricing information as a result either of my further research or of my own activity as I build my own retirement home in Thailand.

Keep Updated Of The Latest Thai House Price Information

Join the announcement list and receive an email whenever I post new information about the cost of building a house in Thailand.

Just pop your name and email address in the Keep Updated box at the top of this webs page to start receiving these valuable emails.

Budget Price For Building A Retirement House In Thailand

This is just a short note to let you know that I have now received a guideline budget price for building a house in Thailand and you can see a summary at

The budget price is given as a total in Bhat for the retirement house I plan to build in Thailand for when I retire to Thailand, and also as unit rates (cost per square metre) in Baht/m2.

Also I have received a fee proposal from a Thai Architect in Bangkok for producing the house plans that can be used to obtain a firm price for building the house from a Thai house building company.

I will be posting the full response as received from the Thai building company on the website and the link to the full details are on this web page:

Where To Get The Cost Of Building A House In Thailand

This is the post where I tell you how to get an estimate of the cost of building your retirement home in Thailand and you don’t have to go to Thailand to find out.

If you have read the last post Building A Retirement House in Thailand you will know that I promised to give you this information – where to get Thailand house prices.

I have completed the update the drawings I had made of our planned retirement home we want to build in Thailand as mentioned in the previous post. The drawings have been updated now but I still have to upload them to the website.

More importantly, I have sent them to a couple of companies in Thailand to get quotations. One company produces plans (drawings) of Thai houses so I have asked for a quotation to have my outline house drawings fully developed.

Another is a design-and-build company in Thailand who will design and build your house for you. I have asked them for a quotation for producing the drawings and also a budget price for building the house.

You can find all this information including the website addresses of the companies I approached on the Thailand House Prices page.

Building A Retirement House in Thailand

We are more than just planning to build a retirement house in Thailand we are well on with the house plans. You can see some of those on this website at

Those plans I made myself on AutoCad but did I did start with a basic house design I downloaded from this Thai website:-

The next stage is to obtain budget quotations for my house design before moving to the next stage. I’ll be doing this over the internet and will tell you exactly how when I have been through the process myself.

But before I seek the quotes, there are a few things I need to do to the house drawings to provide more information. (These may well be done when you read this – depends upon what time you came to this post).

Here’s what I’m going to do next to the drawings for of our Thai retirement home:-

  • Add to the drawings:-
    • Sink and drain in the Workshop
    • Designate the WC and shower area walls as being made from brick
    • Add a finishes schedule showing what materials and finishes are to be used for walls, floors and ceilings
    • Add the folding windows to the Living room
  • Make a cross section though the building
  • Add some Thai language notes

So you can see I still have plenty to do before I start to get budget quotations from Thailand for our planned retirement house.

Keep in touch and I’ll update the web page holding the Thai house drawings as soon as I’m ready.

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